Pimm’s – The basics

Pimm’s No.1 is a liqueur based on gin. The gin is infused with herbal botanicals, caramelized orange and delicate spices. It has a dark tea color with a reddish tint. The taste of Pimm’s No.1 has something of spices mixed with citrus.

The story about James Pimm and his Pimm’s cup can be found on the bottle. So I suggest you buy one if you want to find out.

At the moment there are also other types of Pimm’s available. The Pimm’s Winter Cup with a ‘cinnamon meets caramel and zesty orange taste’. Also the Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower is now on the market. This is based on the Vodka cup with a combination of blackberries and elderflower.

The Pimm’s No. 1 cup – The English classic

The No 1 cup is today as popular as ever. This cocktail is a mixture of Pimm’s No.1, lemonade and freshly chopped ingredients such as cucumber, oranges, lemons, strawberries, apples and mint. The lemonade is also often replaced with ginger ale.

I often serve this to my friends in a slightly different version which I call the Pimm’s Punch. Pimm’s can also be mixed with Champagne or a sparkling white wine. This is called the Pimm’s Royal Cup.

Pimm’s – More than only that cup

Of course the Pimm’s Cup is the perfect drink on a warm day. But there’s more that can be done with Pimm’s than only the Pimm’s Cup or the Pimm’s Punch.

Therefore i suggest you some other Pimm’s recipes which are not so famous… yet. Some of them are perfect for the summer time but also in winter time a Pimm’s drink can come to the rescue.

Pimm’s Lemon Mojito

A Mojito with that special taste of Pimm’s! Try the Pimm’s Lemon Mojito. Place a lemon half and some sugar into a cocktail shaker. Muddle well. Add some mint leaves and muddle gently, do not grind. Add Pimm’s. Add ice and shake it well. Top up with some club soda and garnish with mint.


Forget the Gimlet, here’s the Pimmlet! One of my favorites… Muddle cucumber, mint leaves, and sugar syrup. Add the Pimm’s, some gin and some lime juice. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish the Pimmlet with a slice of cucumber and some mint leaves. Sit back and relax!

Pimm’s Winter Cup

This one is made from the Pimm’s variant called the Pimm’s Winter Cup. Really original! Warm up some apple juice and add the Pimm’s. Then cut an apple and an orange in slices and add these some apple and orange slices to finish your winter cup. This warm drink prefectly fits cold winter evenings

 Pimm’s Fancy

The Pimm’s Fancy is based on Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower. Put some crushed ice in a glass. Pour in Pimm’s, Grand Marnier, organe juice, lime juice and some mint leaves.Decorate it with mint leaves with icing sugar to give it its fancy touch!

It doesn’t only taste delicious, it also looks fabulous. And it’s  quite easy to prepare!


Fire water burn!!! We are on the hunt for the best cocktails with aguardiente… But first we take a deeper look into this liqueur called aguardiente. It comes in different types and brands…

Aguardiente is made of two words: “agua” meaning water and “ardiente” meaning burning. That’s why some people talk of it as burning water or firewater. Basically aguardiente is a generic term for alcoholic beverages that contain between 30% and 60% alcohol by volume.

Aguardiente is made from the fermentation and distillation of sugared musts and/or vegetable macerations. Some  aguardientes are based on fruits such as bananas, grapes or oranges. Other aguardientes are based on grain such as millet, rice or barley. Some are based on tuber such as manioc, beet or potato. The so-called true or real aguardientes are made from sugarcane or other sweet canes.

Aguardiente can be quite different depending on the country where it is produced


In Columbia aguardiente is an anise-flavoured liqueur based on sugar cane. The different types of flavor are the result of adding different amounts of aniseed. This liqueur is quite similar to pastis, sambuca or anisette. Aguardiente is one of the most popular drinks in Columbia. Although it is not that often used in cocktails as it usually is drunk neat, we found some very nice cocktails with aguardiente. We’ll look into them at the end of this article.

Cost Rica

In Costa Rica aguardiente is also called guaro. It has a neutral flavor and about 30% alcohol.


In Brazil pinga or cachaça is based on sugar cane. White or unaged cachaça is used to prepare the delicious caipirinhas. Dark or aged cachaça is drunk neat. Some of the best cocktails made with cachaça are the caipirinha, the brazilian batida and the lemon beat cocktail. I suggest you once give them a try…


Aguardiente is based on sugar cane but it is left unflavoured. It is mostly consumed straight as shots or used in the hot canelazo cocktail, a combination of aguardiente, water, cinnamon and fruit juice.


In Chili aguardiente is based on grapes with an alcohol content of 45% or higher. It then is flavoured with murtilla, cherries, saffron and lemon peel. Other ingredients such as mint walnuts and other herbs are used to flavor it.

Also in Portugal, Spain and Thaiti different types of aguardiente is produced.

Cocktails with agurandiente

We selected some of the best cocktail recipes made with aguardiente. Most people drink it still neat but more and more bars have developed their own cocktails with aguardiente…

Aguardiente sour

Probably the most popular cocktail based on aguardiente.  Delicious and easy to make All you need is aguardiente, orange juice, lime juice, egg white and sugar. You can find the complete recipe here.


My absolute favourite. This cocktail is made with aguardiente, lime juice, honey and soda. Click here for the canchànchara recipe.


Refajo, also known as the Colombian pitcher cocktail, is basically a mix of beer, soda and aguardiente.  The perfect cocktail with auguardiente for when you have bbq plans.

Daisy Maria

A mix of aguardiente, lemon juice and lemon soda. Click here for the daisy maria recipe .

Another splendid idea is the aguardiente mojito. Just replace the rum with aguardiente. It’s as easy as that…

You’ll probably know other cool cocktails with aguardiente. Don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll be happy to publish them on our site.

How to make the perfect mojito

Learn how to make the perfect mojito. The original mojito recipe exists of only 4 ingredients: sugar,  lime, rum and mint. As you can see, soda or lemonade is not one them. The mojito is a sweet and very refreshing cocktail. It is quite easy to make as long as you stick to some basic instructions. The key with the mojito is balance. You should be able to taste each ingredient, with each working in harmony. In this blog article we we explain you how to make the perfect mojito.

How to make the perfect mojito

Ingredients for the perfect mojito

Instructions for the perfect mojito

  1. First put 15 to 20 mint leaves into a Collins glass
  2. Add the cane sugar and sprinkle it over the mint
  3. Take a muddler and scratch the cane sugar into the mint. Don’t muddle too hard, a slight scratch is more than enough to release the mint aroma’s
  4. Add the rum, the sugar syrup and the lime juice. Squeeze a lime part into the glass and add it to the mojito cocktail
  5. Fill the glass with crushed ice an stir. Take care that the crushed ice comes directly from the freezer. Otherwise you risk to dillute the mojito with the melted water.
  6. Garnish the mojito with some mint leaves. Gently squeeze them in order to release some extra aroma’s

Should you add soda to the mojito?

How to make the perfect mojito

The original mojito recipe is without soda, no doubt about that. This gives the cocktail an extra rum kick.  Often bartenders top up the mojito with soda or seltzer. The risk of this is that you dillute the perfect combination of the different tastes. Too much soda will make it taste watery, the mojito will lose its perfect taste . If you like it all a little sweeter you can add a little lemonade (such as sprite or 7-up). But take care, only use a small dash of lemonade. I also tried it with ginger-ale which a really good result, better than soda or lemonade. But remember, the original mojito recipe does not contain soda…

Some extra tips for the perfect mojito

Mojito with fresh mint

In order to make the perfect mojito, it is very important to use fresh ingredients. Make sure that the mint leaves are freshly cut and use freshly squeezed lime juice. Make sure you don’t muddle the mint leaves too aggressively. This could release a bitter aroma.

You can replace the aged rum with white rum although the aged rum gives an extra aroma to the perfect mojito.

Mojito with fresh lime juice

We use sugar syrup in our mojito. This can of course be replaced with crystalline sugar leading to a sugary mess on the bottom of the glass. That’s the reason why most bartenders use sugar syrup in their mojito cocktails.

We use freshly squeezed lime juice for the perfect mojito. You can also muddle lime parts but the risk is that you muddle them too hard… releasing a slightly bitter touch.

How to make the perfect mojito with a twist?

One of the most common techniques is the addition of berries to the mojito. First you put the berries into the glass where you muddle them.

Mojito with a twist

Than you prepare the mojito as already explained. It does not have to be difficult. Some examples of mojitos with berries are the following:


Sometimes the rum is replaced by another ingredient. It gives the cocktail a quite different taste and one can argue if it is still a mojito or not. Some examples are cocktails like

You can also prepare a mojito royal. Follow the instructions for the perfect mojito but in the end top your mojito up with champagne. This champagne cocktail is one of the most popular variations of the classic mojito.

Some bartenders add bitters such as angostura bitters to the mojito. This adds an extra aroma to the cocktail. Another option is to use a different type of syrup with an extra flavor such as elderflower cordial.

How to make the perfect virgin mojito?

Even people who don’t want to drink alcohol can make the perfect mojito. Follow the instructions for the perfect mojito but leave out the rum. Replace the rum with 10 to 15 cl of ginger ale or soda. Another option is to add some crushed berries in order to add more taste.


Low Calorie Cocktails

Regular cocktails are calorie bombs!! That’s a fact. But there are solutions to this problem. With a little bit of imagination and creativity you’ll be able to prepare an excellent low calorie cocktail with limited or no effect on your shape. And you’ll not be forced to make sacrifices on the taste!!

Unknown ObjectIn order to put you on the road with this, we selected some regular and some very special low calorie cocktails. It’s a new art of mixing… mixing taste with low calories!!

If you have any other ideas or tricks for diet cocktails… just let us know. We’ll be happy to spread the word for you!!

Diet Mojito

Low calorie cocktails - Diet MojitoJust like the real Mojito but then with half the syrup or sugar. Another option is the leave the sugar out completely.

The rum will be around 100 calories and the little sugar will be about 50 calories.

All the rest, the mint, the soda and the lime are very very low on calories.

Check out our Diet Mojito recipe! One of our favorite low calorie cocktails.

Sake Sunrise

Sake sunrise low calorie cocktail recipeSake, orange juice, champagne.

It doesn’t take much more for the Japanese Mimosa.

It looks nice, it looks classy, it is easy to prepare and it is very low on calories.

Check out the famous Sake Sunrise recipe.

Bombay Magic

Bombay magic low calorie cocktailMint leaves, triple sec, soda and tequila account for about 110 calories.

Some people prefer the tequila to be replaced with vodka. Surely worth a try.

Curious about our Bombay Magic recipe?

Slim Screwdriver

Slim screwdriver cocktail recipe

A diet Screwdriver?

Just go easy on the orange juice and replace a part of it with sprite light or diet 7-up or another brand of light lemonade.

Just take some vodka, a little orange juice and some diet lemonade.

Check out our Slim Screwdriver recipe!  Only around 85 calories… Sweet!!

Low Calorie Daiquiri

Low calorie strawberry daiquiri cocktail recipeHow the bring down the 350 calories in a daiquiri down to only 130 calories?

The secret is to use a lot of fresh strawberries and almost no or no sugar at all.

Just a lot of fruit, a lot of ice, some rum and a little sugar.

Check out our super Low Calorie Daiquiri recipe.

Rum and Diet Coke

Really simple but brilliant… use white rum and diet coke to limit the calories drastically.

Nowadays you can also use coke zero to bring down the amount of calories.

If you prefer a light stronger taste, use spiced rum: the Rum and Diet Coke!!

Mimosa Lite
Mimosa lite low calorie cocktailThe oldest trick in the book. Replace the regular orange juice with low calorie orange juice.

This will half the level of calories. Some people will tell you to use freshly squeezed orange juice but we propose the low calorie version.

Find out how to make a splendid Mimose Lite cocktail.

Tequila and Soda

Tequila and soda low calorie cocktailA nice drink with 100 calories. Easy to fix and great.

Sometimes we don’t need much to enjoy life… All you need is soda and tequila.

And some ice of course. Add some lime wedges and finished! Although some people tend to leave them out.

Not difficult that Tequila and Soda.

Pina Colada Cooler

Pina colada cooler low calorie cocktail recipeA Piña Colada with only 160 calories? Can’t be true… Well it is and here you can figure it out!

Find out how, why and what  about your Piña Colada Cooler

Pineapple juice, coconut cream ad rum and… soda. It doesn’t take more than this to prepare a superb low calorie cocktail.


Poinsettia low cocktail recipeA 90 calorie cocktail that looks fancy.

Take some triple sec, cranberry juice and champagne and a champagne flute.

So easy, so nice and almost no calories…

Here’s the secret to you Poinsettia

Any low calorie cocktails you want us to publish? Let us know and send us a message.


Cocktails are fun, desserts are fun. But know what is more fun? Desserts and cocktails together! Ever wondered why the Italians always combined food and alcohol together? They always compliment and escalate each other’s flavours and bring out the best they have to offer.

We all do remember the scene from Pretty Woman where Edward orders champagne and strawberry and asks Vivian to have them together for,” the strawberry brings out the flavour of the champagne.”

It’s true that strawberry brings out the flavour of the champagne, but which all wine and cocktail work best with desserts thus complementing each other?

Read on to know more about the perfect cocktail for your favourite desserts.


The made-for-each-other dessert-drink pairs


The cake is an all-time favourite and can never be left off from any day’s menu. Milk punches, Rob Roy and Brandy Alexander are the best cocktail buddies for chocolate cakes, teaming up best with all dark chocolate desserts, complimenting and bringing out the best from within the cocoa goodness.

While cakes with a citrus edge are the best buddies for Pisco Sour, Punch Romaine or a Coppa Ristorante Italiano.

Pies, Tarts, and Meringues

Pies are baked dishes which has sweet or savoury filling completely covered with dough. Pies are made from a variety of fillings like apple, lime, pumpkin, pecan, chicken, strawberry etc.

Tarts are similar to pies but have an open top. Meringues are made from whipped eggs and crème and have an acidic ingredient to bring about a zing to the meringue.

While key lime pie goes best with a Rhum with a view, apple pie and raspberry tart work wonders with Hill Country Tea Sparkling Rose Sangria, Carnivor Swizzle or a Cranberry Moscato D’asti.

Almost all meringues go with Ruby or Diamond Icewine cocktail while the ones with citrus teams up well with Spicy Blackberry Cucumber Spritz.

Mousses and truffles

Light sweet food aerated to be made fluffy and often flavoured with coffee, chocolate or fruit are what mousses are. Truffles are a kind of chocolate food with a ganache and sprinkled with chocolate powder.

Martinis work well with almost all kinds of truffles and mousse, bringing out their intricate flavours in the most amusing way.

Chocolate mousse can also be teamed up with Moscatel Sherry or Pecan Ratafia to balance the deepness of the chocolate mousse, while dark chocolate truffles go very well with Clove and Pear red Wine Sour, Cherries Jubilee Wine cocktail, and New York Collins.

Crème Brulee and Tiramisu

A crème Brulee is a custard dessert with caramelised sugar topping while a tiramisu is an Italian dessert with layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee or liquor with mascarpone cheese or powdered chocolate.

The classic pairing of Sauternes with Crème Brulee is to be kept in mind while pairing up crème Brulee. Take them with Smokey Joe or Sweet Grape Caipirinha to enjoy the goodness of Sauternes with Creme Brulee. Madina also works well with crème Brulee while Pinot Noir brings the best out of the caramelised piece of heaven.

Tequila cocktails, Sauternes and Marsala are the ones for tiramisus, bringing out the most it’s exquisite flavours where Sweater Weather, Port Flip, Jenz Cocktail and Chardonnay and lemon cocktail too brings about wonders in the palate.


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