6 cocktails with insect names

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6 cocktails with insect names


This cocktail has more in common with a grasshopper then only its green color. As a grasshopper who is light and elegant when jumping through the air, we've also used light cream in the preparation of this cocktail together with crème de menthe and white crème de cacao. As a decoration a twig of mint can be used. The ratio for these 3 ingredients is 1 measure for each to obtain a well-balanced cocktail. For 1 person this means that 3cl of light cream, 3cl of crème de menthe and 3cl of white crème de cacao will end you up with a nice creamy mint flavoured cocktail. Of course you can go and experiment with other crème varieties or use another type of liqueur.



If you don't want to get stung by a hangover the day after then this non-alcoholic Yellowjacket cocktail yellowjacket cocktail does the trick. It contains 2 measures pineapple juice, 2 measures orange juice and the 0,5 measure of lime juice gives this cocktail the fresh sting it needs. Just pour the 3 ingredients in an with ice filled shaker and start shaking as you would just been stung. Pour the mix through a strainer in your glass and finish up with a lemon slice to make the perfect, refreshing, non-alcoholic cocktail that will get you through those warm summer evenings.



How to make a tarantula cocktailThe good thing about this cocktail is that it tastes better than it sounds. But don't let this spider catch you in her web because this cocktail contains mostly whiskey. With 1,5 measures it's the biggest ingredient of the bunch. It also contains 1 measure Red Vermouth and 0,5 measures Benedictine. Benedictine is a French aromatic herbal liqueur. You can find the full preparation on www.cocktailsandshots.com.


Silver Spider Shooter

Silver Spider ShooterTo mix it up a little bit after a whiskey and a non-alcoholic cocktail, this time we have chosen a shooter. The silver spider is a colonial insect. They are divided up through age and size and every spider in the colony has its task. So somebody take the vodka, somebody else the rum, a third person the triple sec and a last one the crème de menthe. We've made it very easy because you need 1 measure of all 4 ingredients. Put them all in an with ice-filled mixing glass and stir. Pour the mix through a strainer in your shot glasses and start slurping away your Silver Spider Shooter.


Bee Stinger

Bee Stinger cocktail recipe A simple cocktail recipe that you would rather have in your glass then on your leg is the Bee Stinger. Easily to prepare as you only need 2 ingredients. 1 measure of Crème de Menthe and 3 measures of Blueberry brandy. The cocktail doesn't resemble the insect at all, because the result is a bright green substance with a fresh mint flavour. So no yellow and black color and no honey flavours.


International Stinger

The International Stinger is made from 1 measure Galliano, 1 measure Metaxa and 1 International Stinger cocktail measure Crème de Menthe. Don't start putting the English designer in your mixing glass yet, but use the sweet herbal Italian liqueur instead. If you master a good Southern accent you can also try pronouncing the full name Liquore Galliano L'Autentico. Metaxa on the other hand is a Greek brown spirit that is exported to over 65 countries and became famous for being the first liquor consumed in space. For the exact preparation, take a look on www.cocktailsandshots.com.


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