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Classic cocktails and exciting new cocktail recipes

If you're looking for the best cocktails and shots recipes website you've hit the right spot with Cocktails and Shots. What makes this online cocktail recipes database stand out from its competitors? This cocktails and shooters website gives its visitors that little something extra than just photos, videos and recipes of cocktails, shots and non-alcoholic drinks. It doesn't only offer cocktails with a photo, but it also has a cocktail builder, a measurements converter, an original cocktail blog, a top 100 with the most popular cocktails, one with the 100 best shots, the ability to upload a cocktail recipe with a backlink or you can win prizes with one of our cocktail competitions. Let's get a little bid more into detail.upload a cocktail recipe


1001+ cocktails, shots and shooters recipes

As cocktails & shots thrives to be the best mixed drinks recipes website we don't only offer clear descriptions with all our mixed drinks recipes but also original, self made photos. Each mixed drink recipe can be rated with one to five stars, shared on facebook, twitter or another social media platform. You can also comment on each cocktail and shot recipe with your facebook account. There is a clear cocktail search and you can view the cocktail recipes by ingredient. There are 300+ cocktail ingredients with clear descriptions which show what the ingredient adds in color or flavor to a mixed drink. Every day a new mixed liquor drink is automatically added.


Cocktail of the day: every day a meaningful cocktail recipe

The cocktail of the day is linked to a calendar. So each day it shows a cocktail or shooter recipe which is meaningful for an event, historical fact or celebration somewhere around the world that day. So celebrate the Independence day of The Bahamas on July 10 with a Bahama Mama cocktail, Spain's Fiesta Nacional de España on October 12 with a Siesta Cocktail or National Wildlife Day on September 4 with a White Lion cocktail.


Compose a cocktail with the cocktail builder

cocktail builderWith the cocktail builder visitors can find out what drinks they can prepare with the ingredients from their fridge and bar. It's a cocktail generator using ingredients from the site's database to tell you and your friends what mixed drinks you can prepare with the alcohol, soft drinks, fruits and vegetables you have laying around in your house. This interactive cocktail tool also tells users which ingredients they're missing to make certain cocktails and shots. It's simply very fun to play around with this cocktail recipe maker.


Convert cocktail measurements

Measurements ConverterWith the cocktail measurement converter users can switch between 26 different measurement types for their mixed drinks recipe instructions. No more struggling around with recipes in oz, cl or another measurement they're not familiar with. In the recipe description users can change the recipe volume unit by clicking the red triangle next to it. We've also added a cocktail measurement conversion chart with the most common used cocktail unit volumes.


An interactive cocktail blog

The cocktail blog brings weekly original cocktail articles ranging from technical stories to entertaining drinking topics. Find out Everything you need to know about Gin, the best Cocktail recipes with Campari, some interesting Low Calorie Cocktails or The different types of cocktail glasses you need to use.


As you can see CocktailsAndShots.com has a lot to offer so enjoy your time on our cocktail website and don't forget to upload your best cocktail recipes.