The benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle

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The benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle

The Best Drinks for Colder Weather

As the colder weather draws in, so our tastes in drinks change. Whilst drinking Pimms on a sunny patio is great in the summer months, in the fall and winter we might want something different.

Here are some ways to make your drinking more seasonal.

Pumpkin is the Way to Go

Pumpkin is the quintessential flavor of Halloween. If you enjoy Starbucks' pumpkin spiced latte, why not try using pumpkin in your alcoholic drinks? You could even try enjoying your cocktails drinking them out of a pumpkin. For the more adventurous among you, check out these instructions on how to turn a pumpkin into a keg. It's pretty simple; all you will need is a pumpkin scooper, carving knife and spigot and your Halloween Party will be one to remember. 

Embrace Apple 

One flavor that epitomizes fall and winter is apple. This ingredient can be used in a wonderful variety of ways, such as apple cider, the winning apple honey combo and apple bourbon. Food and drink combine, in this fantastic recipe for apple pie in a glass.

Put Some 'Irish' in Your Coffee

An Irish Coffee is a cocktail containing coffee and Irish whiskey among other things. Brought to America in 1952 by San Franciscan columnist Stanton Delaplane, is there a better winter drink than a hot coffee with some extra 'warmth?'  

Mulled Wine

Another tradition from our friends across the pond, hot mulled wine is the Christmas drink in the United Kingdom and some other European countries. Though it's delicious by itself, it is also a fantastic base for many cocktails. Try adding ingredients such as pomegranates, cranberries and ginger. 

Everything in Moderation

Balance is key to a healthy lifestyle, in alcohol and everything else. The key thing to take away is to enjoy alcohol in moderation if that makes you happy. After all you cannot appreciate good quality alcohol if you are wasted! Recently, many people have started to embrace Buddhist practices such as mindfulness in the hope of living a happier life. Another useful Buddhist thought is the middle way: the idea that it is best to avoid both extreme hedonism and self-deprivation. This can surely be applied to drinking.  Don't go beyond the safe drinking limits set by the National Institutes of Health and never drink and drive.

As those cold nights draw in, have a fantastic time sharing season drinks with your friends and family.  With so many great choices, you won't miss the summer months. 


Jane Sandwood

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