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Cocktails and food

When it comes to party, you are always in a lookout for drinks. Sometimes you don’t choose one, as you are scared of  “terrible hangover”.

If it is so, then cocktails are just for you! They taste and feel fabulous but do not leave you with its after effects.

With a diverse range of tastes, spirits and mixers to choose from, cocktails easily match with food. It’s simply about understanding the flavours and experimenting with them.

All you need is a masterful pairing of food and cocktails. Discover some awesome ideas here:


Many folks find that there is only one food item made in this world to pair with the cocktails - Oysters.

The Martini and a dozen washburn oysters makes the most unexpected pairing in world of both food and spirit.

The dominant flavors of juniper berries and aroma in Martini goes in sync with the taste and texture of Washburn oysters.

In fact, if you are lucky enough to find this pairing, you will thank the very person who poured the drink in your glass.


A plate full of nachos added with cheese, olives and sour cream is a good match with a classic margarita for many reasons.

Margaritas come in many flavours thus goes well with foods that bring out their citrus essence. The Jalapeño and salt of nachos taken with margarita brings flavor that bounces off with each other beautifully and is quite rejuvenating, on the palette. Moreover, an entire meal can be planned with margaritas.

It is a proven fact that more than half of the cocktail lovers prefer Nachos with their drink.

Fish and Chips 

Fish and chips are so much in contrast with the cocktail. For some people, even the combination of fish and chips is unusual.

The deep crispy batter of the british dish of fish and combines with chips brings distinct taste with the Gin works awesome.

You can even try some fish recipes fun like salt cod fritters which would definitely pair well with your cocktail.


People who are the biggest lovers of spirits after the dinner, find this amazing combo of cocktail and desserts, the best.

The Paloma is a tequila based cocktail with a grapefruit flavor. It gives a lush taste when consumed with healthy dark chocolates. The content of cocoa mixed with grapefruit brings out the ‘hidden flavor’ found in spirit.

This pairing will definitely cast it’s magic spell, each time you taste.

Many people believe that pairing dessert with cocktail is like a union of the two best things in the world.


The world is full of wine lovers and merging cheese to it will enhance their experience.

The different flavor of cheese and red wine cocktail will increase your love for food more. Yes, you read it right!

Sangria is a wine cocktail, available in flavor ranging from soft to stronger. When combine with cheese, the combination becomes super awesome.

Cheese offer a contrast taste in both texture and mouthfeel, offsetting the acidity of sangria’s wine.


The purpose of matching food with a beverage is to bring out the best in both; either by pairing, contrasting or complementing flavors.

Cocktails are more complex because of their many flavors. The experience of teaming and trialing them with food can be a lot of fun. The combinations are nearly endless and can result in inventing some fantastic results!

Get ready to gulp in your fave drink with some yummy treats!


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