Flaming Shot Fail

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Flaming shot fail

Although not always because of the right reasons, in some cases it makes sense to put your drink on fire. A lot can go wrong with your flaming shot.

Lighting up your drink can of course seem a good way to heat it up. In Italy the sambuca is often put on fire before drinking it as an after dinner shot.

Another important reason for putting your drink on fire is the taste effect. It condenses the flavors and makes the taste deeper and stronger.

But is most of the cases people put their drinks on fire because of the cool effect of it. It’s all about the presentation! Putting drinks on fire has always had a strange effect on people… young and old!

There are some alcohols which are very well fitted for lighting at room temperature: chartreuse or Bacardi 151 and some high proof (stroh) rum. Just float them on top of your shot, light’m up and job done…

Of course there are loads of other flaming shot recipes: the Burning Smurf, the Flaming Dr. Pepper, the B52

So far for the serious part…

The best part of flaming shots are of course the epic fails. I listed here a little compilation of some of the best flaming shot fails I found on youtube.com…

Just click, watch and learn what you surely don’t have to do when drinking flaming shots. Have fun!










So what did we learn?

Enjoy but take care!


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