How to make those fancy ice balls yourself?

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How to make ice balls

Pimp your cocktail with a nice ice ball!

In this blog post we will help you to transform even the most standard cocktails into a hip artwork. We'll explain you how to make these fancy ice balls  yourself.

Ice balls are not only cool, they also melt slower than ice cubes. They keep your drink colder for a longer time but more important they will dilute much slower the taste of your cocktail?

And last but not least, these ice balls are really easy to make yourself.

How to make these ice balls?

All you need are the following tools:

  • Empty water balloons
  • A stick
  • A freezer

Fill the balloon with water and close it. Don't get carried away, make sure the ice ball will fit in the glass.

Fix the water balloon on a stick and hang it in the freezer in such a way that it won't lose its form.

When you need an ice ball, take the frozen water balloon out of the freeze and cut it open.

Peal of the rest of the water balloon and your ice ball is ready.

Some people add some additives to the water or use other ingredients to give the ice ball another color or taste.

Have fun!



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