Low Calorie Cocktails

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Low calorie cocktails

Low Calorie Cocktails

Regular cocktails are calorie bombs!! That’s a fact. But there are solutions to this problem. With a little bit of imagination and creativity you’ll be able to prepare an excellent low calorie cocktail with limited or no effect on your shape. And you'll not be forced to make sacrifices on the taste!!

In order to put you on the road with this, we selected some regular and some very special low calorie cocktails. It’s a new art of mixing… mixing taste with low calories!!

If you have any other ideas or tricks for diet cocktails… just let us know. We’ll be happy to spread the word for you!!

Diet Mojito

Diet MojitoJust like the real Mojito but then with half the syrup or sugar. Another option is the leave the sugar out completely.  

The rum will be around 100 calories and the little sugar will be about 50 calories.

All the rest, the mint, the soda and the lime are very very low on calories.

Check it out our Diet Mojito recipe!


Sake Sunrise

Sake SunriseSake, orange juice, champagne.

It doesn’t take much more for the Japanese Mimosa.

It looks nice, it looks classy, it is easy to prepare and it is very low on calories.

Check out the famous Sake Sunrise recipe.


Bombay Magic

Bombay Magic CocktailMint leaves, triple sec, soda and tequila account for about 110 calories.

Some people prefer the tequila to be replaced with vodka. Surely worth a try. 

Curious about our Bombay Magic recipe?


Slim Screwdriver

Slim Screwdriver CocktailA diet Screwdriver?

Just go easy on the orange juice and replace a part of it with sprite light or diet 7-up or another brand of light lemonade.

Just take some vodka, a little orange juice and some diet lemonade.

Check out our Slim Screwdriver recipe!  Only around 85 calories… Sweet!!


Low Calorie Daiquiri

How the bring down the 350 calories in a daiquiri down to only 130 calories?

The secret is to use a lot of fresh strawberries and almost no or no sugar at all.

Just a lot of fruit, a lot of ice, some rum and a little sugar.

Check out our super Low Calorie Daiquiri recipe.


Rum and Diet Coke

Really simple but brilliant… use white rum and diet coke to limit the calories drastically.

Nowadays you can also use coke zero to bring down the amount of calories.

If you prefer a light stronger taste, use spiced rum: the Rum and Diet Coke!!


Mimosa Lite
Mimose Lite CocktailThe oldest trick in the book. Replace the regular orange juice with low calorie orange juice. 

This will half the level of calories. Some people will tell you to use freshly squeezed orange juice but we propose the low calorie version.

Find out how to make a splendid Mimose Lite cocktail.


Tequila and Soda

Tequila SodaA nice drink with 100 calories. Easy to fix and great.

Sometimes we don't need much to enjoy life... All you need is soda and tequila.

And some ice of course. Add some lime wedges and finished! Although some people tend to leave them out.

Not difficult that Tequila and Soda.


Pina Colada Cooler

Piña Colada CoolerA Piña Colada with only 160 calories? Can’t be true… Well it is and here you can figure it out!

Find out how, why and what  about your Piña Colada Cooler...

Pineapple juice, coconut cream ad rum and... soda. It doesn't take more than this.



Poinsettia CocktailA 90 calorie cocktail that looks fancy.

Take some triple sec, cranberry juice and champagne and a champagne flute.

So easy, so nice and almost no calories...

Here's the secret to you Poinsettia...



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