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We use a measurements convertor because everyone knows that the first rule for making the perfect cocktail is respecting the proportion between the different ingredients. But we all struggle quite often with the conversion of the different measures.

It would be much easier if everyone would use the same measurement system. In reality it is not like that at all. There is the metric system, the U.S. system…

With our measurements convertor we are happy to offer you a simple and effective tool that should help you respecting the perfect balance of your cocktail. It doesn’t matter if the cocktail recipe is talking about liters, ounces, cups or whatever. You can all convert them here to the measures you are familiar with.

Just fill in the amount and the measure you want to convert in the left side of our measurements convertor. Put the measure you want to convert it to in the right field of the measurements convertor.

Click on the red convert arrow and the result will show up.

Select measure
Select measure
Standard Unitsml ounce (oz)
1 dash0.91/32
1 teaspoon (tsp)3.71/8
1 tablespoon (tbsp)11.13/8
1 shot29.51
1 measure (msr)26.50.9
1 cup2578
1 half pint US (pt)2578
1 half pint UK (pt)2849.6
1 pint US (pt)47216
1 pint UK (pt)56819.3
1 quart (qt)94432
1 half gallon US (gal)189464
1 gallon US (gal)3789128
1 mililitre (ml)10.0347222
1 centilitre (cl)100.347222
1 decilitre (dl)1003.47222
1 litre (l)10034.7222
Weightlb ozcupgrkg
1 lb1161.9982043453.592370.4535924
1 oz0.062499910.124887728.3495230.0283495
1 cup0.50044938.007189412270.227
1 gr0.00220460.03527400.004405310.001
1 kg2.204622635.2739624.405286310001
lb=pound, oz=ounce, gr=gram, kg=kilogram