What type of orange juice to use in cocktails?

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What type of orange juice to use in cocktails

Orange juice in cocktails.

Orange juice is without a doubt the most used juice in cocktails. There are 4 major orange juice types that can be determined. But which orange juice should you use for your cocktails?

The first one is concentrated orange juice. It's made by dissolving dried fruit powder in water. It's low in quality and taste and should be avoided. So usinf concentrated orange juice in cocktails isn't a good idea.


If you do decide to use premade orange juice then use brands which mention on the package that it contains fresh orange juice without pulp. These will approach the real deal better than the concentrated orange juices. An orange juice package should always mention if it holds concentrated or freshly squeezed juice.

Buying fresh pressed orange juice with fruit pieces out of a carton has some disadvantages. The pieces could disturb the balance of the cocktail because they interfere with other ingredients.

Orange juice in cocktailsThe final option is squeezing oranges yourself. The juice will be thinner than that from a box. That's an advantage, because the juice will blend easier with the other ingredients. Do try to filter the juice so no fruit fresh ends up in the cocktail.


So we can easily conclude, that the more effort that's been put in making the juice the better it's suited for cocktails. So go that extra mile and make your own orange juice.


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