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How to prepare a Barbados Sunrise cocktail recipe
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How to prepare a Barbados Sunrise cocktail recipe:

For the Barbados Sunrise recipe mix the rum and the blue curaçao and put the mixture aside. Fill you glass with ice and pour the grenadine in your glass. Instead of the grenadine you can also use strawberry syrup or strawberry liqueur. Then add the orange juice and pour the rum-blue curaçao mixture very slowly (or over the back of a bar spoon) in your glass so you get the layered look. 

The Barbados Sunrise drink is the cocktail of the day for March 4 when Italian composer and violinist Antonio Vivaldi was born in 1678. He is best known for his series of violin concertos: Four Seasons. So for each of the seasons we have a layer in our Barbados Sunrise mixed drink.


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