Mango Freeze

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17 August: Birthday Robert De Niro


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Mango Freeze cocktail


  • cup(liquid)
  • little
  • little
  • dash(es)
  • part(s)
  • measure(s)
  • measure(s)
  • measure(s)


How to make a Mango Freeze?

Blend the golden rum, the mango juice, the fresh orange juice, the sugar syrup, the lemon juice and the egg white with some ice. Pour your Mango Freeze into a cold glass. Finish your Mango Freeze with some lemonade. Your Mango Freeze is ready.

Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. The Mango Freeze is the cocktail of the day for July 30 to celebrate the birthday of Arnold Schwarzenegger who was born that day in 1947 in Austria.


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