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Moscow Mule drink recipe


  • cl
  • juice of
  • handful



How to prepare the Moscow Mule cocktail? For the Moscow Mule recipe fill a highball glass with some ice.

Add the vodka, the ginger beer and the lime juice.

Stir your Moscow Mule drink well. Decorate your Moscow Mule mixed drink with a lime slice.

The Moscow Mule cocktail was orgininally served in a copper mug because the mug keeps the drink colder for a longer time without needing too much ice. The lime juice also just tastes more sharp agaist the metal.  But no stress if you haven't a copper mug, also a highball glass will do the job very well...

The Moscow Mule cocktail recipe is the cocktail of the day for November 4, when in Russia Day of Unity is held. Day of Unity celebrates Moscow's liberation from Polish troops back in 1612.


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