Nameless Mistake

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nameless mistake cocktail recipe
Guilherme Kilpp Gonzatti


  • cl
  • leaf / leaves
  • half a
  • dash(es)
  • handful


  • piece(s)


The Nameless Mistake cocktail recipe:

For the half lime we only use the juice. Add all ingredients, with exception for the Schweppes citrus, into a shaker and shake with ice. Serve it into a chilled fancy lowball glass. Don't strain.
Top with Schweppes Citrus. Garnish with Star Anise and a spray of Coconut Essence.

After a misunderstanding (which will probably never be enlightened) between a waiter, bartender and client this drink was born. Thanks to Guilherme Kilpp Gonzatti for the Nameless Mistake recipe!


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