Paradise Island Mojito

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paradise island mojito cocktail recipe with blue curacao white rum mint and sugar
The Blind Bartender


  • tablespoon(s)
  • leaf / leaves
  • cl
  • cl
  • tablespoon(s)
  • scoop(s)


The Paradise Island Mojito recipe:

Put the sugar in a martini glass and add the top 4 leaves of a mint sprig. Take another glass and muddle 10 fresh mint leaves in 25ml of sugar syrup. Add ice, white rum and fresh lime juice. Then add the soda water and the Blue Curaçao and stirr gently. Pour the mix slowly on the the back of a bar spoon into the martini glass with the sugar and 4 mint leaves sprig. Enjoy your Paradise Island Mojito cocktail.

Thanks to the Blind Bartender for the recipe!


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