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Learn how to make the Pornstar Martini recipe:

Cut your passion fruit in half and extract the pulp out of one half and add it to your Martini glass. Also add the vodka, the passion fruit liqueur ( for example Passoa), the lime juice, the sugar syrup and add 2 dashes of vanilla extract. Stir everything well and top with prosecco or any other sparkling wine. Garnish your Pornstar Martini cocktail with the other half of the passion fruit you still have lying around.

The Pornstar Martini mixed drink was an invention of Douglas Ankrah but this is a variation made by our friend Matthew Kimber. If you like this Pornstar Martini drink than also try another of his recipes like the Strawberry Daiquiri.

We've made the Pornstar Martini cocktail recipe the cocktail of the day on 12 March as on that day Ron Jeremy, the infamous American pornographic actor and filmmaker, was born.


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