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Sonreir cocktail recipe
Ken Bandivas



The Sonreír cocktail is Kenneth Bandivas' entry to the 2017 Bacardi Legacy Competition. Kenneth Bandivas is the 2015 Diageo Philippines Bartender of the year, winner of "Around the World Challenge" at the Diageo World Class 2015 Global Finals in South Africa and is currently a finalist of the Bacardi Legacy Competition 2017. You can drink the legendary sonreir cocktail prepared by Kenneth in the the Prisma Boracay bar.

The Sonreir cocktail recipe is a cool, contemporary blend of bacardi ocho, bittersweet punt e mes, golden falernum, citrusy lime, and ripe pineapple—icy smooth and refreshingly flavorful.

How to prepare the sonreir cocktail? Fill a shaker with ice and add the rum, the vermouth, the falernum, the lime juice and the pineapple juice.  Shake everything well.

Strain your Sonreir cocktail into a nice glass with ice.


You can support Ken by taking a photo of your drink using the following hashtags: #soneirblcc #sonreir #sonreirblccph #bacardilegacy2017


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