Whiskey Ginger Thyme Lemonade

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Whiskey Ginger Thyme Lemonade Cocktail


  • cup(liquid)
  • cup(liquid)
  • teaspoon(s)
  • leaf / leaves
  • cup(liquid)
  • shot(s)


For the Whiskey Ginger Thyme Lemonade recipe we recommend to use granulated white sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice. First you have to prepare the ginger thyme lemonade. Therefore, put the water, the sugar, the ginger and the 4 thyme leave springs in a pan over a medium-high heated fire. Stir untill the sugar dissolves. Remove the pan from the fire and let it all cool off. Remove the thyme springs and pour everything into a pitcher. Add the lemon juice and stir everything well.

Now you can make the Whiskey Ginger Thyme Lemonade. Pour the whiskey into a glass with ice and add some ginger thyme lemonade. Enjoy!


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