5 Tricks you need to know right now to take a belly shot


Belly shots

Belly shots

Weekends with your friends and loved ones with alcohol and games are just the right remedies for your weeklong stress at work. Everyone wants something new, something wild and crazy to spice up their much-deserved rave parties and romantic rendezvous. Drinking games have always been known to add more adventure and glamour to such nights and are essential to take the party up a notch. One such drinking game that is now replacing the traditional beer pong and spin the bottle is the belly shot game.

Yes, you read it right. Body shots, with belly shots being the most popular among the lot is now an actual thing. Belly shots come with so many perks if done right and we are sure they’ll be the game you shall be eternally grateful for.

Belly shots

Belly shots

But before we dive into the tricks and fixes for taking a belly shot, let us learn how it is done in the first place. The beauty of the game’s makeup is that it can only be played by two people. So the first step is to choose the person who you wish to play with, after which there is not much to worry about. Then for the game, you need a dice, a piece of paper, pen and your favorite liquor. You must write down different ways for how the shot needs to be taken such as lick, suck, .etc and assign them numbers from 1 to 6. Now you are all set to play. Take turns to roll the dice. Based on the number on the dice take the belly shot as written on the paper. If you are looking forward to getting really sloshed for the night you can also write down 6 different types of alcohol on another sheet. In that case, you will have to roll a pair of dice, one for the type of alcohol and another for the way of taking the shot.

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about playing the game below are 5 tricks you need to know right now to take a belly shot.

Pick your perfect partner

Belly shot

Belly shots

Wait. Hold on. Do not panic. We are not asking you to choose your life partner. However, we are reminding you that choosing the right person to take the belly shot with is an equally important decision. Yes, belly shots are a great way to help break the ice with someone you’ve just met. They can also be a way to brew up a romance with someone you are attracted to. So choose wisely who you really wish to play the game with. Cross check with them if they would like to play too. If both of you are completely accepting, open-minded and consenting then the belly shot challenge is sure to cast its magic upon you.

Always pick the right kind of alcohol

Belly shots

Belly shots

The key to taking a belly shot right is choosing the correct form of alcohol to enhance the experience. Good old tequila with salt has always been the most loved option. However, you can switch to other alternatives like vodka with lemon and sugar as well. The selection of booze is completely up to the two people who are involved in taking the shot. Analyze your preferences and decide what works best for you. If you are a whiskey fan blood oath bourbon can work wonders for you.

Go ahead and explore away!

Go crazy, be experimentative!

Who said Belly shots have to be regular shots? They can be whatever you want them to be. You can include jello shots, Courvoisier pudding shots, candy shots, and chocolate to jazz your night up.

When, where and how?

Fortunately or unfortunately the belly shot game comes with no real rules or regulations. So you are allowed to come up with your own variations and innovations provided it is not dangerous or extremely uncomfortable. You can choose to play it in a crowded party somewhere or right in the closed setting of your home for a more intimate vibe. You can play some enticing music to set the mood and complement your experience.

Are you a beginner or a pro?

Whether you’ve played the game before or not can be crucial in determining how you should be playing it. The beginner level goes like this. Your partner should hold a lime wedge between his/her teeth and some salt shot should be sprinkled over their belly button. Now you must drink the shot from a shot glass, then lick the salt of your partner’s belly and suck on the lemon slice in their month.

If you are someone who has already tried the game in the past and is comfortable with it then the advanced level works like this. For this version, you do not need a shot glass. This is more exciting as you’ll be drinking the alcohol right off each other’s bodies. So make your partner lie down on a flat surface like bar, bed or table, place the lime in their mouth as in the previous variant, then pour some booze into the concave portion of their belly as in the belly button and drink up the liquor straight, lick the salt and grab the wedge of lime.

Now, there’s a new game you must be waiting to try out. So go grab a bottle of chardonnay, your partner and get right on it. But don’t blame us if you have mixed drinks about feelings.

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