A device for making portions of ice: why do you need an ice maker in the modern world?

Making ice with your own hands is not difficult at all. The only problem is the lack of quality ice generators. At home, you can make ice of any taste, shape, and size with BF Tech ice equipment.

There are two types of ice makers. Devices with and without a compressor. Some ice makers have compressors that can produce large amounts of ice in a short amount of time. However, these devices are expensive, heavy, and take up a lot of space.

Ice makers with built-in cooling tanks operate quite quietly. A key advantage is that compressor ice makers are much cheaper. Cons: You can only make one batch of ice at a time. If you want to purchase an ice machine, pay attention to the different models, and available accessories for ice machines that are present at BF Tech.

Ice generator: basic principles and performance indicators

Whether you decide to buy an ice maker or have had one for a long time, pay attention to how it works, how it works, and what is important to know when working with it. Ice generators are indispensable assistants for all people who work in restaurants, cafes, and bars. However, it is also suitable at home if you have a large family, are organizing a party, or simply want to keep drinks cold, for example by preparing extremely tasty cocktails in a short time. The ice maker consists of a compressor, a heating element, a container, and an electric motor. Water is needed to make ice. If it is not possible to connect the device to the water supply, then the container should be filled with water manually, and the water should be clean and fresh.

After filling the container with the required level of water, the ice maker turns on and starts its work of producing ice. The ice maker has a built-in thermostat and can turn on and off completely independently, without your intervention. As soon as the water in the tank freezes, the heater is turned off. The heat is transferred to the bottom of the container, due to which the ice cubes “stick together” and acquire a certain shape. The principle of operation of the ice generator is simple and intuitive. The ice maker supplies water through hoses attached to the back of the unit. The ice mold is filled with water through a tube located in the back wall of the freezer. The low temperature of the freezer turns water into ice. The thermostat determines the temperature of the ice.

When the water reaches a certain level, an electric heater installed at the bottom of the container releases ice into a special container. The electric motor rotates a special mechanism that pushes the ready ice to the container. This cycle repeats until the ice bucket is full. When the ice cubes run out, the ice maker will automatically turn off.

Important points when choosing an ice maker

To choose the right ice maker, you need to understand what is important to pay attention to. After all, the operation of the ice generator, its service life, the probability of failure, and other key nuances depend on these important parameters. The power of the ice maker is one of the most important factors that buyers take into account when choosing a particular model. This is an important aspect that affects energy consumption and ice production speed. The frequency of use of this device depends on this indicator. The number of kilograms of ice that can be made at a certain time is usually indicated in the instructions for the ice maker. On average, this indicator exceeds 10 kilograms. Thanks to this performance, you can make your first ice cube in a few minutes. To understand the performance of the device you are considering purchasing, you need to assess your personal needs. If you don’t need a lot of ice, you need to get a more compact and less powerful unit.

Ice maker: increase the quality and speed of preparation of your favorite smoothies

An ice maker is not a necessary part of the equipment of a cafe, restaurant, or bar, but it is a device that immediately takes customer service to a completely new level. Ice makers can make ice in different ways depending on the model and equipment. Thanks to the ice generator, bartenders can create not only tasty but also exquisite cocktails. Follow these key tips to choose the right ice maker. Consider using an ice maker. When a buyer wants to buy an ice maker for home use, it is better to choose an ice maker that is smaller and lighter. The same advice can be given to owners of small cafes and restaurants.

Consider the principle of device cooling. Cooling can be air or water. If you have problems with air circulation in a certain room, we recommend choosing the solution given in the second option. Please note that the price of such an ice maker will be slightly higher. Please note that the ice maker can be placed on the floor or a table. The first type of ice generator is more suitable for large cafes with a constant flow of customers. An important condition for the active use of such ice generators is the ability to connect to the water supply. Therefore, ice generators of this design must be equipped with high-quality filters that ensure high-quality water purification. Pay attention to the type of water entering the ice maker. Water can be supplied centrally or immediately poured into special containers. Compliance with all the listed basic parameters will help you purchase the most suitable device that will meet all your current needs in making ice.

Ice generators are indispensable technical equipment in cafes, restaurants, and bars

A special device called an ice generator is required for the quick cooling of various drinks. Depending on the specifics of a specific model, the ice can be cylindrical, cubic, or layered. The principle of operation of the ice generator is very simple. The device consists of two parts – the ice generator and the engine room, where the engine is installed. This device uses a special spray system that sprays water onto the cooling surface. The cooling surface (evaporator) has the shape of an inverted cylindrical or cubic container. Over time, ice forms in these containers. On average, 15-25 minutes of operation of the ice maker is enough to produce enough ice cubes for the needs of your family. It is also important to pay attention to the material from which the ice generators are made. Stainless steel is the best choice here (the body of the ice maker is made of stainless steel), but the ice makers themselves can produce different shapes of ice, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the capabilities and specifications of the particular ice maker, of which there are many available at BF Tech. In addition, the ice makers have an anti-bacterial coating to keep the ice as clean as possible.

There are several key reasons to buy an ice maker

The device quickly and easily prepares delicious cocktails. For example, ice machines are necessary at large parties where you need to quickly cool alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and various cocktails. A high-quality ice maker offers practical savings and ease of use. Suitable for use in homes, cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. It is important to choose the right ice maker model that will meet your current needs.

How to correctly determine which model of ice maker you need?

Decide what type and shape of ice you need. Currently, no ice maker can produce formed and unformed ice. The following key features should be taken into account:

  • Ice container capacity. There are different types of ice makers, each with a different amount of ice;
  • Capacity: The maximum amount of ice that the ice maker can produce in one working day. Options vary, and different models of ice makers are rated for their performance and workload, and these models produce different amounts of ice in a given amount of time. The operation of the ice maker also affects its energy consumption;
  • Permissible operating temperature range. Air and water temperature are taken into account. Water consumption should be calculated based on the weight of the ice;
  • Energy consumption. You must have access to a high-quality ice maker. Therefore, energy consumption should be close to the amount of ice produced;
  • It is also important that the ice maker is quiet, energy-efficient, and temperature controlled. Also, consider the size/weight of your device. The device should not take up a lot of space in the kitchen of a cafe or restaurant, and should also be easily transported if necessary.

Depending on the model and function, the ice maker can be installed in different ways:

  • Install the ice generator as a separate device;
  • Can be installed on a table/cabinet;
  • Integrated into the kitchen.

Another key advantage of such devices is that some ice makers need to be connected to a water supply. This allows you to install ice generators in restaurants and cafes. Whether you’ve decided to buy a specific ice maker model or have been using an ice maker for a while, learn how it works and what to look for when buying an ice maker. An ideal ice maker will become an indispensable assistant in creating unsurpassed cocktails. But it is also a good option for working from home if you have a large family, are planning a party, or just want to drink a delicious cocktail or other drink. Using such a device is not very difficult, it effectively performs an important task – in a short time it produces a certain amount of ice you need.

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