An Expert’s Guide for Choosing Canadian Whiskey

Canadian whiskey

An Expert’s Guide for Choosing Canadian Whiskey

People with an appreciation for the finer things recognize Canadian whiskey as one of the best spirits in the world. These drinks come in multiple flavors, from strong and bold to mild and delicate. If you are thinking of adding Canadian whiskey to your cellar but aren’t sure where to start, this piece is for you. From Forty Creek to Crown Royal spirits, it contains details about what each spirit offers.

5 Canadian Whiskey Brands for People with Refined Taste

The five whiskey brands below are just a few types you can add to your collection.

Forty Creek

One of the foremost manufacturers of whiskey in Canada is Forty Creek, renowned for the Forty Creek Barrel Select. It is a smooth and delicious spirit made with corn, rye, and barley. You will also taste a hint of vanilla, toasted oak, and honey. Other excellent products by Forty Creek are Copper Gold, Double Barrel, and Honey Spiced. Each spirit by the brand has a unique taste.

Alberta Premium 

If you are looking for Canadian whiskey with a bold taste and rich flavor, you may want to consider Alberta Premium. There are several spirits by the brand, but the Alberta Premium Cask Strength is the most popular for a good reason. This whiskey isn’t for beginners because its alcohol content is high. Apart from that, it also has a potent flavor blend of oak, caramel, and black pepper.


Rye whiskey will always make an excellent addition to your collection, and not many distilleries make it like Collingwood. The Canadian whiskey gained international recognition due to its slightly sweet taste. Spirits from this brand usually taste like maple syrup, vanilla, toasted oak, and honey. Irrespective of the flavor, the drinks typically pass through your throat smoothly so that you can enjoy the complex flavor blend with ease.

Crown Royal

Another popular name in the Canadian whiskey market is Crown Royal. This brand has more than 50 blends of premium whiskey and has become a global sensation for its smoothness. Out of the 50 blends and flavors, the most popular is Crown Royal Deluxe. It is a spicy yet textured whiskey traditionally left to mature in oak barrels. As you drink, you will taste the delicate caramel and vanilla flavors in the spirit.

Canadian Club

The last whiskey brand on this list is the Canadian Club. Known for the Canadian Club Classic, this manufacturer has been in the business for over 160 years. Club Classic is left to mature for a minimum of 12 years, and this time leaves it with an exceptional blend. Its refined taste has a hint of oak and spice. The second best thing about this whiskey, apart from its taste, is its relatively affordable price.

When it comes to world-class spirits, not many countries can rival Canada. The Maple Country has several internationally renowned distilleries focusing on making high-quality products. While the five brands listed above are among the most popular, there are many other quality options available. Experiment with as many blends as possible until you find your signature whiskey.


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