Another way to cool your beer: the pumpkin beer cooler

We all are familiar with pumpkins and halloween. You cut out the pumpkin flesh, you cut out some wholes that make the pumpkin look like a scary figure and you put in some lights… Nice!!

But have you ever thought of the fact that a pumpkin could also be used as a cool and funny (beer) cooler. It’s a different way to keep your beer cold. And it of course fits very well with the halloween party you are about to organize.

What do you need for the pumpkin beer cooler?

Well it is quite easy: a large pumpkin, some dry ice, some ice and some water.

And of course also some or a lot of beer. When you are inviting a large bunch of people i recommand you to make several pumpkin beer coolers. Just to make sure that you have enough cold beer…

How do you prepare the punpkin beer cooler?

The coolest type of pumpkin beer cooler is the one where you can slide the beer in from the side.

Beer coole


For this you take a large pumkin. You cut of the top and then you remove as much of flesh as possbile. Then take a beer bottle and measure how large the wholes have to be. Cut then a number of wholes into the pumkin. Put the beer bottles into the pumpkin and add the dry ice. Finally pour some water in it and put the top back on the pumpkin. Or you can leave the top off and put in some extra bees that need to be pekt cold.

There is of course another alternative which is also cool but it just does not have that same image as the previous one. This one basically means that you transform the pumpkin into an ice bucket. For that take of the top of a large pumkin. But cut it off quite low in a way that the opening is large enough to put some bottles in it. but first fill it up with ice and then put the beer bottles in it.


Up to you to decide which one you like the most. For me it is clear that the first one is the coolest of the two alternatives.


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