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  • Ibiza, San Antonio


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Favorite cocktail

Signature cocktail name:

Negroni por el mundo

Measures :

Gin 1/3, Red Vermouth 1/3, Campari 1/3, Spheric negroni’s ice

Decoration: orange’s slice and half world

Instructions :

  Stir everything in a mixing glass with ice…

to avoid that the spheric ice melts so quickly when you pour the ingredients.

I create my favorite cocktail for the Negroni’s 100 aniversary.

It is the original recipe but with some Mediterranean touches.

I smoked the glass with citrics, lemon, orange, grapefruit and rosemary as well.

In order to have our negroni from the beginning to the end, I made a spheric negroni’s ice.

In that way we ares ure to enjoy all of the negroni’s flavor as well as a colored drink.

For the decoration I put not only the classic orange, but also a “worldglobe”.

Because this is a drink we can drink all over the world…

and in my experience it is fantastic to make very good friends all over the world.


Flavia Perez Jerez bio

My name is Flavia Perez Jerez, I am a bartender since 1993. I started in Argentina, as a hobby, and participated in cocktail´s competitions.
In 2000 I founded my school,”Gourmet & Cocktail School, in Argentina as well, and created an international mixologist and flair bartender competition, “Desafio de Bartenders”. We did this competition for 9 years.
In 2005 I start working and living in the paradise: Ibiza, Spain. In 2010 I won a cocktail competition, with a molecular cocktail, and represented Ibiza in Palma de Mallorca, from this to now I participated in many cocktail´s competitions. I do many seminars and work in different bars of the world. Being a bartender is not only a job, is a way of life!!!
Nowadays I work at the Sunset chill-out of hotel Alua Hawaii, in San Antonio, Ibiza , and just finish to write for cocktails books.
Bar: Sunset Chillout Bar – Hotel Alua Hawaii Ibiza

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