Luis Diaz Ufano Ferreras


  • Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands


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Favorite cocktail

Signature cocktail name:

The gelification of a gin and tonic

Measures :

  • Cabraboc gin
  • Premium tonic schweppes with a touch of lime
  • Garrofi and Xantana gum
  • Petazetas neutral flavor
  • Orange and juniper sugar cotton

Instructions :

It’s a secret. If you contact me i’ll maybe let you know 🙂

Luis Diaz Ufano Ferreras bio

Barman, mixologist and creator of the molecular cocktails project, called Alcotexture by LK, in which classic cocktails are reinvented with molecular gastronomy techniques.

My name is LK, and I present my molecular cocktail project called Alcotexture by LK, in which I try to reinvent the classics of cocktails using molecular gastronomy techniques applied to cocktails. All these words may not be clear but i’m about to explain their meaning as simply as possible. One of the basics of classic cocktails are liquids in their usual form and that’s where my deconstructive mind comes in.

Respecting flavors and proportions, in Alcotexture by LK, we change the texture to get other non-liquid states with specific products for it and cutting-edge cooking techniques. My long experience in the world of hospitality and the incessant creativity of my restless mind, the fact that i’m always looking for new techniques and products with several years of study in catering and cooking schools, the incessant search for data and copying the great masters of the world of cocktails, took me about 10 years ago to develop this project. A lot of time of testing and practices after which I felt prepared to make my project known through events, competitions and championships where i presented my innovative and radical cocktails, which surprised and captivated at the same moment.

I have several surprising recipes like, a gin fizz de yuzu and edible plankton, decorated with the air of seawater and coconut salt. The ocean’s green margarita, a pattern margarita rested with seawater foam, edible plankton and coconut salt. the 3d Negroni: Campari, siphon foam, martini gel and spheres of gin London n3,.. I recommend you look at my page called Alcotexture by LK.


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