Pedro Manuel Tomas Imbernon

Favorite cocktail

Signature cocktail name:

Eternal sweet

Measures :

Violet vodka 4cl

Malibu tropical rum 3cl

Raspberry syrup 3cl

Fresh lemon syrup 1’5cl

Garnish: 2 raspberries and flowers

Instructions :

Fill a shaker with ice. Add the violet vodka, the malibu tropical rum, the raspberry syrup and the fresh lemon syrup. Strain into a nice glass and garnish with two raspberries and some flowers. Cheers!

Pedro Manuel Tomas Imbernon bio

Pedro Manuel Tomas Imbernon is a bartender / mixologist / cocktail expert in the Blanco restaurant and lounge bar. He is very happy to present us his own creation: the “eternal sweet” cocktail. The eternal sweet  is an elegant combination of violet vodka, malibu rum, raspberry syrup and lemon syrup.