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Watermelon surprise

Measures :

60ML vodka, 30ML watermelon liqueur, 90ML watermelon mixer, 30ML simple syrup, 8 pieces of watermelon, 450ML lemon lime soda, frozen ice cubes

Garnish: corn syrup, red sugar, little umbrella

Instructions :

Add ice and 450ML lemon lime soda frozen ice cubes in to your large blending cup then combine 60ML vodka 30ML watermelon liqueur 90ML watermelon mixer 30ML simple syrup 8 pieces of watermelon and blend well

Place corn syrup around the out side of your glass then garnish with red sugar

Pour up your mix and add a peace of watermelon on the side and a little umbrella to finish

Coctail Movie :

RNJ Cocktails bio

Me and my cocktail assistant jozzy are both bartenders at Sydney Olympic Park we have both done a cocktail course through bar max and now been doing YouTube for a year now and in joying it so much I hope you all come check out the videos and leave a comment cause I love talking with the fans of the videos and any feed back is welcome

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