The origin of gin.

Although the English claim to have invented gin, it’s origin actually lays with the Dutch who started producing it in the 16th century for its “medicinal power”. The name is also derived from the Dutch word jenever which means “juniper”. The juniper berry is the prime component of gin giving its characteristic odor.

Gin in cocktails.

Next to the juniper berries gin contains other ingredients which can vary per distillery. But ingredients most commonly used are angelica, licorice, iris root, citrus peel, caraway en coriander seeds. Gin has a strong aroma but despite that it suits well as an ingredient in cocktails. This is due to the fact that it’s colorless and has an aroma of herbs and spices which mixes well with liqueurs, juices and other distillations.

Types of gins.

From a legal point of view there are 4 gin categories. Juniper-flavored spirit drinks which are produced by pot distilling a fermented grain mixture and re-distilling it with herbs and spices. Compound Gin is a juniper-flavored spirit made by simply adding juniper and/or other natural flavoring substances to a neutral gin. Distilled gin is produced exclusively by re-distilling ethanol of agricultural origin with an initial strength of 96% ABV in stills with primarily juniper berries and other optional natural botanicals. London gin  is made exclusively from ethanol of agricultural origin and with a maximum of 5 grams methanol per hectolitre which is introduced through the re-distillation in traditional stills of ethanol together with the juniper berries and all other natural plant components used.

Types of English gin.

In Europe the minimum required alcoholic strength is 37,5%. English gins are around 45%. The main types of English gin are London Dry gin  and Plymouth gin. London dry gin  is the most famous of the two and doesn’t necessarily needs to be produced in London as its name would suggest. They have an intense flavor and Gordon’s and Beefeater are the best-known brands. 

Plymouth gin is distilled at the Blackfriars distillery at the coast of Plymouth. It’s a full-bodied gin with more subtle aromas and it’s dryer then the London dry gin . A small quantity of the gin ages on wood and is called “golden gin” due to its color.

What are Dutch gins?

Dutch gin or jenever varies from English gin due to the mixture of heavily fermented grains that’s being used. This results into a more beer-like taste. There are two types of jenever: old and young jenever. The young jenever resembles the English gin most.

What are American gins?

What’s the difference between English and American gins? American gin tends to have more floral and fruity aromas. These more fragile flavors can get lost in a cocktail mixed with liqueurs and bitters. That’s why the stronger English gins are preferred in cocktails. The minimum alcoholic strength for American gins is 40%.

How is gin made?

Gin is quite simple to make. A grain distillate is made from rye en barley while wheat is used for jenever or American gin . The gin gets purified by means of repeated distillation. The aromas are added by soaking the berries, dried herbs and spices in the alcohol or by letting the alcohol drip through the ingredients. The result is bottled and ready for consumption.

Gin in some famous cocktails.

Besides gin and tonic there are some other cocktails that you should try like the famous Martini, the Gin Fizz which has an acid taste due to the lemon, the Negroni with its bitter taste, the Gimlet made with Plymouth gin or the Singapore Sling.


Difference liqueurs or liquors?

You might have asked yourself one of these questions: what’s the difference between liqueurs and liquors? Are liqueurs and liquors the same? Well, liqueurs are sweet while liquors are not. That’s the easiest way to remember the difference. Now we’ll explain it a little more technical.

What is liquor?

Whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum and gin are (distilled) liquors. A distilled liquor is obtained by the distillation of fermented fruits, plants or grains. Fermentation is the process where yeast transforms carbohydrates (= sugar) into ethanol (= alcohol), carbon dioxide and energy.

Distilled liquors are alcoholic beverages in which the concentration of ethanol has been increased above that of the original fermented mixture by the method of distillation. Distillation means that when a liquid which contains ethanol is heated to a temperature above 78.5°C but below 100°C (the boiling point of water) the vapour coming off that liquid condenses. That condensate will have a higher alcohol concentration.

How is liqueur made?

To come to liqueur, liquor is used as a base spirit. The liquor gets flavored with fruit, plants or grains and sweetened by the addition of sugar. The alcoholic percentage of liqueur can vary from 20% to 60% (40 to 120 proof) and it contains at least 100 grams of sugar per liter. To talk about cream or crème, the liqueur should contain at least 250 grams of sugar per liter.

So liqueurs are sweet because they contain a lot of residual sugar, whilst liquors don’t. There are many types of liqueurs:

Now you know everything about liqueurs and liquors.

Arak versus Raki versus Araki versus Ariki… Some say that Arak was already made in India in 800 BC although that is not clear at all. Arak is not one typical drink but it stands for a collection of distilled drinks. The basic ingredients and the production process depend on the region. In Indonesia the basis for Arak is sugar cane although sometimes also rice is used. In India the juice of palm trees is the basis for making Arak.

Arak arrived in the Middle-East and the Mediterranean area where it is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks. The name is based on the Arab word for juice.

In the Western world, Arak is mostly known under the name Raki. The anis flavored distilled drink from Greece and Turkey. Raki is also known as the unofficial Turkish national drink. It is made from different fruits in different regions, but grapes, figs and plums are the main ones. Some of the colored Raki has a refined taste but most of the Raki is colorless with a strong taste. Raki is also very often drunk in the Balkan countries.

Traditional Arak or Raki serving tips

Arak or Raki is traditionally served pure: serve it on room temperature in a shot glass. But very often it is mixed in approximately 1/3 arak and 2/3 water and served in ice-filled cups. Some people also like the “Arak & Coke“, Arak mixed with coke and ice.

Cocktails based on Arak or Raki

We made a selection of some delicious and easy to make cocktails based on Arak and Raki. The complete list of Raki recipes can be found here.

All our Arak or Raki recipes can be found here.


What do you know about your favorite cocktail? Some cocktails have quite a long history although it is often not easy to be sure if all the stories are true. Therefore we selected some stories behind your favorite cocktails. Urban legends or true stories?

Unknown ObjectWe don’t know to be honest. But at least you know what to tell next time you order your favorite cocktail.


Vodka and orange juice. Can it be easier than that? One of the stories says that the screwdriver was born when workers started mixing vodka and orange juice with their… screwdriver. Yes!

Other stories tell us that the screwdriver was a codeword to mislead federal agents during the prohibition. Also linked with the prohibition are the stories of unregulated production of alcohol. This lead to loads of low quality booze. Bartenders then started to mix fruit juices with the alcohol to mask the pour quality booze. This could have given birth to quite some mixed drinks.

Another story tells us that the screwdriver was born when Smirnoff was building up their brand notoriety in the USA.

Harvey Wallbanger

The Harvey Wallbanger is in fact a combination of orange juice, vodka and galliano. It looks like it is invented in the 1950’s by Donato Antone. He has been a world champion mixology… So far for the facts and figures.

Another funny urban legend states that the Harvey Wallbanger gets its name from a surfer guy called Harvey. He came daily to the bar the have some screwdrivers to which he added some galliano. From time to time he then stumbled around smashing into the wall. People therefore started calling his favorite drink the Harvey Wallbanger. This story is hard to check but I prefer this one to the official one.

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is in my opinion the queen of the cocktails. Some people link the name of the cocktail to Queen Mary I who tried brutally and with a lot of bloodshed to bring back Catholicism to England… A terrible story!

Although hard to trace the truth, a certain Fernand Petiot claims he invented the drink in 1921 when working at the New York Bar in Paris. In that time the Russian revolution brought vodka to Paris. Together with some tomato juice and some spices, the drink got some success and got known in America under the name Red Snapper. Why it then changes to Bloody Mary is unclear to me but maybe it really had something to do with the referral to the bloody Queen Mary I. Who knows… anyway for those who don’t known yet, the Bloody Mary contains: vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce. I also tried versions mixed with a raw egg and I must admit I like them!!

Gin and Tonic

The origin of this cocktail goes back to the British soldiers who were fighting in the Indies.

There they were confronted with another problem, called malaria. Tonic water was used against malaria because it contains quinine.

The soldiers then added their gin to the tonic because the tonic alone was quite awful. After the war, the cocktail remained and nowadays we are witnessing a revival thanks to the gin hype.


Sometimes the Manhattan is told to be invented by Winston Churchill’s mother. Jennie Churchill who was living in New-York at that time organized a party at the Manhattan Club celebrate Samuel J. Tilden’s.

This party would then have resulted in the Manhattan cocktail but this story is not true at all. It’s just a nice story for at the bar

This combination of whiskey, vermouth, bitters dates probably back to the New York bar scene of the 1860s but not much more is really known about its origin.  Sometimes it is referred to as the Martini with whiskey…

Irish Coffee

Some time ago in Ireland a flight was delayed. A bartender then had the original idea to add Irish whiskey in the coffee which would warm them up.

The passengers loved it and spread to word. The Irish coffee was born… no mention of added sugar or cream at that time. These came later and added a special touch to the drink.


The Mojito is a combination of rum, mint leaves, sugar and soda water. I heard that the original recipe was without soda water and I must admit I like it better without the soda. Just add a little sugar water instead of the soda.

The history of the cocktail is quite blurry but it is a fact that it finds its origin in Cuba.

The Mojito also seems to have been popular within the sailor community because it was a good preventative against scurvy. Another story says that Cuban farmers did not like their rum at that time which was quite bitter Therefore they added lime, mint and sugarcane juice.

So true or not? We don’t know and we don’t care. But at least some new stories to could help you to impress the waitress next time you order your beloved cocktail. And if she’s not impressed… well then you still have our cocktail to…


 Pokémons were very popular in the late 90s and the early 2000s and are now making a huge comeback in 2016 with the Pokémon Go app.

That’s why we’ve made a list of our 7 favorite Pokemons as a cocktail drink. Check them out and also try to prepare these cocktails with pokemon names:

1 Pikachu as a cocktail

Pikachu is Ash Ketchum’s trusted friend and pokémon. Pikachu has a yellow fur and red dots on his cheeks just like this pokemon cocktail has a yellow red mixture. This Pikachu pokemon cocktail has been made with vodka, peach liqueur and orange juice. To finish it we used a maraschino cherry. You can also add a straw and break/bend it like the lightning tail of Pikachu to give it some extra swag.

2 Charizard as a cocktail

Charizard is certainly one of the coolest Pokémons out there. Charizard is a Fire and Flying type of Pokémon and not a Dragon type. When a Charizard becomes angry, the flame which they have at the tip of their tail flares up. In the Charizard Pokemon cocktail we use a lime wedge to represent the tail and the Sambuca is perfect to create fire effect. Add some Triple sec and some dashes of cinnamon and you have your perfect Charizard mixed drink. Check out the full Charizard cocktail recipe.

3 Vaporeon as a cocktail

 Vaporeon is a water type of Pokémon and is one of Eevee’s final forms. It has a long tail which is often mistaken for a mermaid’s. In our Vaporeon Pokemon cocktail this tail is represented by a lemon slice. The Blue Curaçao gives this Vaporeon mixed drink its blue color.

4 Dragonite as a cocktail

 The Dragonite Pokémon is of course a dragon type. So obviously we used dragon fruit or pitaya to make the Dragonite cocktail. The Dragonite’s character and appearance can be described as gentle. So for this Dragonite mixed drink recipe we also used rose water and champagne. Click here for the full recipe.

5 Gengar as a cocktail

 Gengar is a ghost / poison type of Pokémon with a dark purple color, spikes on his back and a sinister grin. To obtain his color in the Gengar Pokemon cocktail we used blackberries. We garnished the Gengar drink with some mint leaves to represent his spikes and the vodka which we added will also give you a little, sinister grin.

6  Clefairy as a cocktail

 A Clefairy Pokémon is a fairy type of pokemon. And as many fairies they come in pink. What better way to give our Clefairy Pokemon cocktail a pink color than a dash of grenadine. The Clefairy is cute and charming so we made it in a nice cocktail glass and didn’t use too much alcohol.

7 Mewtwo as a cocktail

 A Mewtwo is a psychic type of Pokémon with a grey body and a purple belly and tail. For this Memtwo Pokemon cocktail we used some vodka and sugar syrup to obtain the grey color. We added a purple edible flower to represent its belly and a purple straw.


Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect cocktail? You did everything by the book but still your cocktail is missing that extra touch? Maybe you did not respect some of the simple but really important rules when making your favorite cocktail.

People often tend to forget them, that’s a fact! Most of these rules aren’t complicated at all, so a little reminder won’t harm at all.

There are loads of simple tips and tricks for the perfect cocktail that we are happy to share with you. Will start with seven tips in a series of many…

Use fresh ingredients

Use fresh instead of canned or bottled ingredients. Often bottled mixers will contain additives. Especially when using fruits or fruit juices it is best to use them fresh.

Drinks with only spirits have to be stirred

Cocktails with only spirits have to be stirred. This will lead to a crystal clear and rich looking drink.

The most famous example is the Martini (yes, 007 got it wrong). But this also counts for the Negroni, the Manhattan and many others.

Of course shaking your drink in that typical way makes you feel like a real professional bartender. I suppose that is way it is often so hard to respect this rule.

If you have ingredients to muddle: do it lightly

A lot of cocktails are made of muddled mint, lemons or limes. If so, most of the times it is best to muddle lightly.

This avoids you to release some bitter chemicals into the drink. The trick is to remain gentle, especially with the Moijto.

Oranges are best freshly squeezed

Oranges should be used fresh in a cocktail. Once the orange is squeezed, it will start to go bitter.

The longer you wait the more bitter they will get. Again a simple trick, just try it once with your Harvey Wallbanger.

Blended drinks need some extra sugar

Blended drinks are made with a lot of ice. This dillutes the flavor and makes the cocktail a little watery.

Therefore some extra suger should be added to flavor up your perfect cocktail. Sometimes i use some sugar syrup instead of sugar like in the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.

Match the glass and the drink temperature

When you make a cold cocktail, chilling the glass before will keep the drink colder for a longer time.

Fill the glass therefore with crushed ice or cold water and dump it before you put your cocktail in. Also for warm drinks, you best first warm before filling it. Important if you want your cocktail to be really perfect.

Invest in Cocktail Glasses

The final presentation counts for a large part of the cocktail. Need I say more. Learn more about cocktail glasses in our blog article.

So don’t forget these rules when you want to create the perfect cocktail.

To be continued!!

Do you feel like you so close to making the perfect cocktail? You got the feeling that the ingredients are right but something little is still missing? In our previous blog article ‘How to make the perfect cocktail’ we shared some basis but very important rules.

Now you are ready for the next phase. In this blog article you’ll find some new rules that should bring you very close to the perfect cocktail.

You best use big ice cubes

When the cocktail comes with ice cubes then try to use big ones.

They tend to melt much slower than smaller ones. This will make your cocktail less watery which keeps the perfect taste much longer. In another blog article we explain how you can make these ice cubes yourself.

Don’t mix up lemon and lime juice

Lemon and lime juice aren’t interchangeable. They are both comparable when it comes to acid strength. They differ in the concentration of acid which gives another sourness effect.

Don’t try to replace lemon juice with lime juice (or vice versa). It will ruin your perfect cocktail.

Lime or lemon taste better when aged (a little)

Lemon and lime juices taste better when they age a little. They are best when they are left for about 4 hours. You best keep them chilled and bottled then.

You better think a little ahead when you want to make the perfect cocktail. It’s a question of planning …

Everything has to be measured

This is a basic but really important rule. Many people don’t measure because it does not look cool or because it takes some time. The perfect cocktail is always balanced. So never forget to measure…

Some experienced bartenders never seem to measure their ingredients. Don’t be blinded by this, they of course have the experience to know the time needed to pour in a certain measure.

Don’t forget the garnishes

For some cocktails garnishes are really important. Without them the cocktail is missing an important essential part.

It often does not ruin the final drink completely but it will be hard to get your cocktail perfect. It’s not only about the presentation but the lemon, lime, orange or whatever garnish brings often that extra flavor and balance.

Again 5 simple rules when you strive for the perfect cocktail. In the end they all are so logic and easy. Just take your time, don’t rush, follow the rules and know your crowd…

A quick guide to the most important cocktail techniques.

The perfect cocktail needs the perfect ingredients but also the right cocktail techniques. The different cocktail techniques sometimes seem a little difficult to understand but no worries…

After going through this cocktail techniques survival guide you’ll easily master them all.


Shaking is definitely the most used and best known cocktail technique. It is used to mix cocktails fast and rigorously.  It is also a technique was quickly cools down the drink before serving. But watch out, not all cocktail can be shaken.

The shaking process consists of different steps. First fill a shaker until half with ice cubes or crushed ice. Add the ingredients to be shaken. Shake until some frost forms on the outside of your shaker. Use both hands to shake. You best put one hand on each side. After the shaking strain your drink into a glass.


Many cocktail and drinks are blended with ice. They are blended with ice until they reach a smooth consistency.  Often the identical recipe is used as the original cocktail but a scoop of ice is added before blending it in a blender. Just take care not to add too much ice. It will dilute the cocktail. The blending technique is used for making frozen cocktails or smoothies. The frozen daiquiri or the frozen margarita are well known signature cocktails of the blending technique.


Building is probably the easiest technique. Basically it means nothing more than putting the ingredients together in the right order.  You just need the right ingredients. You then put them together in the right order. Just make sure the measurements are correct.

Double straining

This technique is used to avoid little parts of fruit to slip into your cocktail. For instance when pureed fruit is used. It can also be used to prevent small parts of ice to get into your cocktail. Your strain your cocktail normally but strain it through another fine strainer.

You can also use a shaker with built-in strainer together with a Hawthorne strainer.


Through muddling we try to get the out the flavors of fruits or herbs. This is done by using a unsharpened tool like the muddler. For some cocktails it is important to muddle well, especially when you muddle fruits. Otherwise the juice and flavors will not come out. On the other hand it is sometimes more than enough to muddle gently. An example of this is the mojito cocktail. You just muddle the mint leaves gently otherwise they break up and give a sort of bitter taste to you drink


Stirring is the technique to use for cocktails which need to be mixed and cooled but without losing their clarity. Often the cocktail will be stirred in a mixing glass with some ice and afterwards strained into the cocktail glass.

The bar spoon is the best tool for stirring your cocktail. Depending on the recipe you should be stirring hard or gently. This technique ensures that there will be no air bubbles or little ice fragments in your drink.


Layering is the art of putting spirits on top of each other creating different layers in one drink. It is of course important to float the lightest ingredients on top of the cocktail. There are different ways to create the layers. One way is by using a spoon and putting it on top of the first layer with its round side up. Then pour the next spirit very gently over the spoon creating a new layer. Another way is by putting the bar spoon in the center of the glass. Make sure the rounded part is down and facing you. Make the spoon rest against the side of the glass when you pour the next layer into you cocktail.

These are the most important cocktail techniques. You’ll see it is not so hard to master them. And don’t forget, it is at least even important to respect the right measures and order of the different ingredients.


Pimp your cocktail with a nice ice ball!

In this blog post we will help you to transform even the most standard cocktails into a hip artwork. We’ll explain you how to make these fancy ice balls  yourself.

Ice balls are not only cool, they also melt slower than ice cubes. They keep your drink colder for a longer time but more important they will dilute much slower the taste of your cocktail?

And last but not least, these ice balls are really easy to make yourself.

How to make these ice balls?

All you need are the following tools:

Fill the balloon with water and close it. Don’t get carried away, make sure the ice ball will fit in the glass.

Fix the water balloon on a stick and hang it in the freezer in such a way that it won’t lose its form.

When you need an ice ball, take the frozen water balloon out of the freeze and cut it open.

Peal of the rest of the water balloon and your ice ball is ready.

Some people add some additives to the water or use other ingredients to give the ice ball another color or taste.

Have fun!

In our section “Meet the cocktail expert” we present  some people in the cocktail industry you should meet… We kindly asked them to present themselves and to share their favorite cocktail with us. Cheers!!

Today we present you Sivakumar Mohanroop.


Sivakumar Mohanroop is a home bartneder. Welcome to The Cocktail Room, your guide to craft cocktails at home, where Sivakumar Mohanroop,aka Roop, is your host. He is a home bartending/ mixology enthusiast. Join him in his misadventures behind his home bar from trying to recreate awesome cocktails, formulating quirky DIY alternatives to complex mixed drinks, investigating the intriguing lore behind iconic cocktail inventions, deciphering bartending techniques, crafting homemade syrups, shrubs, cordials and everything in between and all this without bringing the house down.

The following recipe is one of his own creations. It is inspired from the Indian movie “Padmavat” and the Indian folklore behind it.

Favorite cocktail

Sivakumar Mohanroop’s favorite cocktail is he Courage of Padmavat cocktail.


Unknown ObjectInstructions

Wanna have a taste of Padmaavati before your see it in theatres, then stay tuned! Yes Padmaavati! A movie shrouded by so many controversies. But this video is not about that. But on the other hand we at cocktail room believe in the freedom of creative expression and feel that all works of creativity should be critiqued and not protested.

Today’s cocktail is a tribute to the legendary queen so little bit of background on the legend. Padmavati was a Sri Lankan princess of magnificent Beauty. Our hero Ratan Sen, a Rajput ruler of Chitoor fort heard about her beauty from a talking parrot and went on an adventurous quest and won her hand in marriage. But dark times were ahead as the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khiliji also heard about her boundless Beauty and launched a siege to Chitoor fort. During this devastating battle, our queen and her companions decided to sacrifice themselves by lighting themselves on fire to save their honor.

Now muddle the peppers to bring a spiciness to the cocktail synonymous with the queen’s courage. Add the tequila that is as feisty as Padmaavati followed by lime juice to balance the drink and finally to represent the sweetness and softness of our queen, the strawberry shrub. Add ice and SHAKE it!
Double strain to your coupe glass. Garnish with a single slice of jalapeño and there you have it the courage of Padmaavati!

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A wise man once told me that a woman who orders a good whiskey or scotch in a bar is one of the sexiest things that can happen. Especially when she drinks it neat…  It may be true, maybe because it just doesn’t seem to happen that often. However, most people don’t associate whiskey or scotch with a women’s drink. Women are thought to drink sweet and fruity  creations.

Drink, Alcohol, Cup, Whiskey, The Drink

Why women don’t like whiskey or scotch… But is this really like that?

Some research shows us that in particular countries up to 30% of the whiskey and scotch drinkers are female. This could be true for one or another country but in general this percentage is estimated to be quite lower, 15% seems like a more realistic estimate.

The fact that women don’t drink whiskey that often, can also be related to a sort of statistical explanation. Not only women don’t drink whiskey or scotch. Most males don’t drink or like whiskey or scotch either, especially neat. We all know that males consume far more alcoholic drinks than women. So if you would do the mathematics it is obvious why  significantly more men than women drink whiskey. On the other hand this reasoning should lead to the same conclusion when it comes to drinking wine. And then this theory doesn’t really seem to be accurate.

Whiskey and scotch are often considered as a niche product. They are not that known for mixing. Everyone of course knows the whiskey and coke but it is still quite unknown to the masses as a drink you can mix into classy and nice cocktails such as the Vieux Carré the Whiskey Fix or the Heather Julep. That is a fact we cannot deny… people have moved from neat spirits towards cocktails. The people have spoken and they want cocktails!

Of course it also has to do a lot with the culture in some countries. In the USA for instance, there was a general belief in the early years that women should not have any liquor or liqueur at all.  Alcohol was considered dangerous. Being able to confront those dangers was a man thing.  This lead to the idea that drinking together became an expression of male bonding, especially with dark, heavy and complexly flavored spirits such as whiskey and scotch.  In some regions there is a rather white spirits culture where people tend to prefer vodka, gin,…

Woman, Despair, Alcohol, Bottle, Glass

It could also be the result of a certain social programming combined with the effects of marketing. Men drink beer, women drink wine. Men drink whiskey and stronger spirits, women drink pretty and sweet cocktails. When this is all people see or hear… we can speak of the self-fulfilling prophecy. A well-spread belief strengthened by some whiskey and scotch producer’s marketing campaigns solely focused on the male market. Again based on the larget market potential amongst male creatures.

But change could be coming… We now start to see some changes in that pattern. Could it be the start of a shift?  Some women now order whiskey or scotch as a statement. And maybe they are right to do so. Some men find it terribly sexy. Urban legend or not, this is what male subjects seem to when a woman orders a whiskey or scotch:

Reasons enough for women to start drinking whiskey or scotch… But take care, it’s totally different story when you order cheap whiskey or scotch!


50 reasons to date a bartender

Please comment to let us know what you think is the best reason to date a bartender!

You should date a bartender because…

1 they are good listeners

2 you’ll get free drinks – from France 2016 Football Quiz

3 they are good in bed because they had sex with a lot of people

4 they are the masters of small talk – from Ron The Bartender

5 bartenders are hard working – from Corey Hayes

6 they are social butterflies – from European Bartender School

7 they have a good stamina, so you won’t be dating someone lazy

8 there’ll be plenty of space in bed because they’re working

9 when they come home they have really good stories to tell

10 they know the best alcoholic brands

Some more things you should know before dating a bartender…

11 they are good at serving people

12 they are friendly – from Mario Filippe

13 you’ll have nights and evenings all to yourself

14 bartenders have mornings off so they can make you breakfast

15 due to the nature of the work they are strong and can open all jars

16 they get you drunk – from Pour People Mixology

17 you can pass by their work without it being strange

18 they’re cool! Just look at Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail

19 they always know which bars are still open

20 being exposed to music all the time, they are great dancers

And ten more reasons why you should be dating a bartender…

21 they are charming, witty and have a fantastic sense of humor – from

22 they have working relationships with bartenders at other bars so won’t have to wait for a drink – from 68 The Podcast

23 bartenders are practically psychologists – from Mano Negra ByE

24 they aren’t insecure and don’t get intimidated easily 

25 they care about your feelings – from Sunny Singh

26 bartenders are in good shape

27 they can handle a drink

28 they are pretty, handsome or down right hot – from Shannon Rice

29 they are always the first to know new drinks. Yeah!

30 they know all the best gossip

We list 10 more things that will happen when you date a bartender…

31 they can prepare the best cocktails

32 they will always take care of you – from Lisa Reyes

33 you won’t feel suffocated in your relationship because they’re at work all the time – from BartenderOne Toronto

34 they’ll impress your friends at parties because they can shake and stir – from Gabriella

35 they have “cures” for hangovers

36 they can go shopping on Mondays

37 You always know where they are on a Friday or Saturday night – from Juli Oates

38 they know how to deal with you when you’ re drunk

39 they pay attention to how they look

40 bartenders can get you into clubs you could never get in

Still thinking, should I be dating a barkeeper…

41 you’ll get great cocktails at home – from Matt Felice

42 they know how to party

43 bartenders always use the correct cocktail glass

44 they are professional conversationalists – from

45 The bartender makes all the tip money by flirting with guys/girls that they will eventually spend on you, so don’t be that jealous person and enjoy the show – from Trudy Hogg

46 bartenders have good palettes and are typically good cooks as well – from Matt Felice

47 they have a big social network

48 they can make every dinner extraordinary by knowing what spirit pairs with our food – from Pour People Mixology

49 bartenders know the best bars to spend a good evening – from Nicolás Osuna

50 bartenders have friends all over the world – from European Bartender School

The reasons to date a bartender are listed randomly. If you think of a good reason why to date a barman or barmaid you can comment below or contact us so we can add it to our list. Provide us with your name and website or social media account if you want us to link your reason to date a bartender back to you. If a reason to date a barkeeper doesn’t have a name next to it yet you can claim it for you and we’ll add your name to it.

We are looking forward to hearing what you think is the best reason to date a barkeeper! Please comment below…

In our section “Meet the cocktail expert” we present some people in the cocktail industry you should meet… We kindly asked them to present themselves and to share their favorite cocktail with us. Cheers!! Today we present you Raimondo Palomba

“Atelier and his artisan: Raimondo Palomba”

What is your history?

I am started working in my hometown of Naples with just 15 years as an event organizer combining it with my cocktail studios at F.B.S. Then I moved to London and

Madrid with the aim of opening more business opportunities working as a mixologist, consultant and trainer in different cocktail schools. Then I decided to move to

Gran Canaria as a home for my next and current project: Atelier Cocktail bar situated on the rooftop of the five stars hotel Bohemia Suites & Spa.

What is your favorite cocktail?

I have many favorite cocktails! Some of them are Negroni, Martinez, Vieux carrè and Sazerac.

What is your vision on the future trends in cocktail?

In my opinion, this is a great moment for the bar industry because things are changing so fast. Some Bartenders are still working with classics recipes, some Bartenders are playing with twists on classics, some Bartenders are creating a new cocktail culture based on the gastronomy concept and some of them try to mix all of this things. I think that all offers are great because there are customers for any different kind of cocktail bar.

What is Atelier? 

Atelier Cocktail bar is located on the island of Gran Canaria, specifically, across one of the biggest and most untouched plots of sand, Maspalomas. An extraordinary beach in the southern side of the island extends for miles and paints a beautiful scene full of dunes which is quite unique in the island. Gran Canaria is home to one of the best climates in the world, 300 days of sunshine and very little rain, boosts comfort and health. This island is part of the Canary Islands (Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean about 130 miles off the coast of Africa).

The Atelier’s philosophy is based on being that place where you receive detailed attention, a special attention. That added value of the “human factor” is our cornerstone: it is like going to a clothing store or an atelier, where you await the design of a custom suit, paid detailed and special attention to, as well as relying on the knowledge and creativity of the master craftsman, who every day prepares in “homemade” fashion as many of his ingredients as is possible.

For other hand, this is a work and life ethic that favors the local, seasonal produce and its producers, bringing the best out of the raw material through our creations. It is important to know the raw material with which things are produced, otherwise, it would be hard to understand and recognize a quality product. Atelier Cocktail bar presents a space in which different arts can be brought together, starting with cocktails, cooking, baking or craftwork, into a new way of expressing themselves.

What is Bohemia Suites & Spa?

Bohemia is a unique place, designed for open-minded people who like to enjoy life to the max and pamper their senses. The sky-bar trend is on the rise and Atelier is one of its pioneers, located in such a privileged place as is the 8th  floor of the ‘Design hotel’ Bohemia Suites & Spa*****. Inaugurated in September 2012, this   oasis-like   design   combines   luxury   with   multipurpose   spaces   providing   a   secret   and   hidden getaway to enjoy the most serene peace and privacy.

It’s an exclusive place with the most unique views, both of its interior as well as the impressive panoramic scene of the Atlantic Ocean and the Maspalomas dunes, as appreciated in the exterior terrace, where you can gaze upon one of the best sunsets in the island. The hotel has been awarded by the prestigious Condé Nast Johansens Excellence Awards 2017 (best service) and 2018 (best for romance).

The music and the atmosphere play a fundamental role, right?

The complicated part is creating the right atmosphere in the cocktail bar; it’s fleeting but utterly fundamental. I try to experiment with different musical styles to create an eclectic mix, constantly evolving and vibrating while never static.

Creating a complete experience is something fundamental in a cocktail bar for you. What does it consist of? 

It is so important to stimulates the five senses: Smell and taste are important but if we hope to achieve a complete experience we must also stimulate our hearing, sight and touch.  For this reason the views, the music, the fire, the bar snack, the cocktail menu, the presentation of each cocktail and the blends play a vital role, but above all “the service and the human factor”.

What is “Diary of a Bartender”?

Atelier’s cocktail menu is called “Diary of a Bartender”, here every cocktail is a concept in its own and has a story to tell. It is a diary that takes us on a journey where we live other lives, taking us back to places we’ve been and experiencing new emotions by capturing their essence.

The experience of a cocktail should not end with the drink, it must continue its completion through the evolution of flavors due to the combinations that I propose in each cocktail, serving a little “sider” paired with each cocktail, opening the door to a realm full of imagination, color, flavors, textures, scents and new mixes. This is why I ensure that the client has a certain interaction with each cocktail and can enjoy himself by adding his personal touch to it. The Atelier’s team job does not begin or end behind the bar, it carries on from earlier with the artisan production in the preparation of combinations and homemade elaborations.

Tell us about Atelier’s team

The search for excellence should have no boundaries which is why we are constantly improving. This   is   our   goal   each  day   since   reaching   a   level   of   excellence   in   the   service   means   that   the customer has a higher impression than his previous expectations. A customer who upon exit “sees no reason to complain” has not experienced the excellence of the service. However, if the first thing he wants to do is tell the next person he sees about the amazing quality of the service, that is a sign of excellence. To achieve this, it is essential to be a tight group, that carry out their jobs with passion and to be open to the customers, making time to speak and have a nice time together, which is absolutely paramount since we believe the most important part is to make each of our customers feel like at an   “old   friend’s   house”   receiving   customized   attention   and   that   added   value   that  makes   the difference.

Also a well trained team is the most important part for us, which is why we invest in annual in-house training courses, in-house Masterclasses for the team with top exponents, organized trips to distilleries to deepen the knowledge on the production process, attend international fairs to be up to speed with the latest trends, visits to the best cocktail bars or external training services.

Furthermore, we also organize workshops, Masterclasses for customers and activities “in situ” with craftsmen to have them learn firsthand about the production process of the ingredients and find out more about alcohol and cocktails to better inform the customer in order to have critical capacity regarding drinks.

In summary we try to have an extensive knowledge of cocktails and spirits: Knowing the history, elaboration and combinations in order to be objective and offer unbiased and professional assessment to each customer, handing them a critical capability so that they themselves make the choice of what to drink and not be swept by the trends.

Signature Cocktails


Choose your classic Dry Martini of Grey Goose vodka or Gin nº 3 and experience by yourself how to give your personal touch to an all-time classic cocktail with our homemade essential oils of lemon, basil or rosemary. It is paired with a foie gras macaroon, fine sherry wine and squid ink on lyophilized olives.

Preparation: Previously cool the mini Martini glass and put on ice the other container. Cool the mixing glass, drain the water, pour the vermouth, stir and drain the vermouth ice again, pour the gin or vodka and stir until achieving the desired cold point and dilution. Pour half mix into the mini Martini glass and the other half into the other container.

All day Cocktail: ASIAN MARY

This is his oriental version of classic Bloody Mary. It is elaborated with Rosemary-infused Zubrówka vodka, tomato juice, soja sauce, Worcestershire sauce, celery bitter, wasabi, lemon and ginger.

Preparation: *Previous elaboration of vodka infusion with rosemary branches. Use two small mixing glasses or two cocktail shakers to elaborate this cocktail using the technique of scanned or thrown.

For this in one of the containers add all the ingredients and some ice cubes, use a caterpillar strainer that fits well into the container. Pass the mix from one container to the other giving it height to oxygenate and cool it at the same time. Serve in a design glass and decorate with a branch of rosemary, olives skewer and a crusta of Chinese spices.

Digestive Cocktail: GUANCHE ALEXANDER

This is his Canarian twist on the classic Alexander. Aldea single cane rum, homemade almond milk, Mozart white liqueur and a pinch of gofio flour! It is paired with a homemade gofio meringue cone and chocolate peta-zetas on homemade chocolate crumble and sugar rocks.

Preparation: Put 3-5 ice rock cubes in a the glass shaker, then add all the ingredients and shake vigorously to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Serve in a coupette cup sprinkling gofio on it previously using double strainer and decorate it.

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Address: Avda. Estados Unidos, 28 35100 Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria | 8º floor Bohemia Suites & Spa


Midori: sweeter than swe?

Midori is well known to cocktail professionals and bartenders. Some really famous cocktail recipes are based on it although some people claim it to be too sweet. I must admit that Midori is one of the sweetest liqueurs but who ever told  that sweet is bad. And of course, there are people who love sweeter than sweet. In this article you’ll discover some cocktails which midori that are tasty, sweet and different…

One of the easiest of them all is the Midori Sour. Take 1,5 oz Midori, 2 oz sweet and sour mix, 1,5 oz lime juice, a dash of lemon lime soda and shake it all with ice. Strain your Midori Sour into a nice glass and ready…

Another one is the Midori & Pisco Sour cocktail. This one is made with Pisco, Midori, orange bitters, lime, egg white and sugar syrup.

The Illusions cocktails is based on vodka and Midori. But that’s not all. Orange juice, Malibu and Blue Curaçao give it its particular taste.

The Paradise Fizz combines Midori with white Rum, soda, lime juice, icing sugar and some egg white.

Shots and shooters

Midori is no only used as an ingredient for cocktails. Also some famous shots and shooters are based on Midori. I selected the following shots and shooters for you.

Of course there is more to Midori than this. If you feel like we would be happy if your send us your Midori cocktail recipes. We then put them online and link back to you.


Cocktail glasses

Martini glass, tumbler, collins glass,… It is sometimes hard to understand why there are so many different cocktail glasses. Via this article we guide you around in the wonderful world of the cocktail glasses.

Many people asked me if the type of glass is really that important when serving a cocktail. Occasionally it doesn’t but in most cases the right cocktail comes with the right glass.

But before we start, some good advice: make sure that your glasses are always sparkling clean. Therefore it is advised to clean and dry them by hand. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it…

Cocktail glass

This glass is an example of elegance. It is wide on the top with a high foot.

The design makes sure that the cocktail stays cool because our warm hands and fingers are kept away from the drink itself.

The cocktail glass is by far the most used glass when we think of serving cocktails.

Cocktail glasses are very often referred to as martini glasses. But they are different. Cocktail glasses have smaller bowls with rounded or flat bottoms. Martini glasses have larger and wider bowls. Their bowls are fully conical at the bottom.

Collins glass or longdrink glass

This is a long glass with straight sides.

Collins glass can normally contain around 35 cl but there are of course different sizes and varieties.

It is very often used for longdrinks based on fresh juices or drinks filled up with soda.

Officially, the Collins glass is a little higher than the longdrink glass.

Whiskey glass

The whiskey glass is used for shortdrinks on ice (on the rocks) or for drinks which need to be stirred.

The standard or old-fashioned glass, which is often also called a lowball glass, is perfect for this.

This whiskey glass has a thick base which makes it resist breaks when using a muddler. The wide brim allows for maximum flavor and aroma .

It contains around 25 cl and is used for the old-fashioned, the manhattan, sours and other drinks.

Liqueur glass

liqueur glass is to serve small parts of non-mixed drinks.

The  liqueur glass contains around 8 cl of liquid. It has a short-stemmed base and is used for small amounts of liqueurs and cordials.

The shape of the glass should increase the experience of drinking liqueur by accentuating the often deep color and movement of the liquid.


tumbler is a short and wide glass with cylinder form and a thick bottom. It is often used as a whiskey glass.

For whiskey with ice or whiskey mixed with water the tumbler is a good choice.

For drinking pure whiskey , a tulip shaped glass is a better choice as it holds the aroma much better.

 Cognac glass

Cognac glass is designed in such a way that it keeps the smell and the aroma of the drink very well in what is called the “ballon” of the glass.

When you hold the glass between the palms of your hands, it warms up the drink a little. This releases the aromas.

In fact  there are two type of glasses used for drinking cognac: the tulip glass and the balloon snifter.

The tulip has a long stem that climbs to a wide bell and then curves inwards. It flares out a little at the rim what makes it look like a tulip. The balloon snifter has a short stem with a wide bell that narrows at the rim.

 Champagne flute

champagne flute or champagne glass is used for sparkling wines.

The shape of the glass makes the surface where the bubbles can break smaller.

This glass best fits cocktails with champagne. If possible, use high champagne glasses.

Shorter ones tend to give a rather sober impression.

 Champagne coupe

The champagne coupe is nowadays a little outdated and old fashioned.

Nevertheless the champagne coupe fits well to certain cocktails, especially those containing ice cubes.

The champagne coupe is often used at wedding receptions. This is the glass which is stacked in layers to build a champagne tower.

The champagne coupe is now commonly used for certain cocktails such as daiquiris.

Bordeaux wine glass

The Bordeaux wine glass has a content of 50 cl. Only fill it for one third when serving wine.

The Bordeaux glass is tall with a broad bowl. It was designed for full bodied red wines like syrah or cabernet sauvignon.

The Burgundy glass is broader and has a bigger bowl to accumulate aromas of more delicate red wines such as pinot noir.

This glass also fits well to longdrinks with wine. It can be used as an alternative for a large cocktail glass.

White wine glass

The white wine glass contains 25 cl and has a high foot. The typical wineglass for white wine has a smaller bowl and taller stem.

It is picked up by the foot so that the drink doesn’t get warm from our hands.

It can be used for shortdrinks such as spritzers or punch based on wine.

White wine glasses come in different sizes and shapes: each to accentuate the unique characteristics of different styles of wine.

 Shot glass

The shot glass has a content of 5cl.

It is used for what are called the small and strong cocktails: shots and shooters. The glass of the shot glasses is mainly quite thick.

Experienced shooter or shot drinkers can explain, or better show you why.


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