Cocktails with Midori: sweeter than sweet?

cocktails with midori

Midori: sweeter than swe?

Midori is well known to cocktail professionals and bartenders. Some really famous cocktail recipes are based on it although some people claim it to be too sweet. I must admit that Midori is one of the sweetest liqueurs but who ever told  that sweet is bad. And of course, there are people who love sweeter than sweet. In this article you’ll discover some cocktails which midori that are tasty, sweet and different…

One of the easiest of them all is the Midori Sour. Take 1,5 oz Midori, 2 oz sweet and sour mix, 1,5 oz lime juice, a dash of lemon lime soda and shake it all with ice. Strain your Midori Sour into a nice glass and ready…

Another one is the Midori & Pisco Sour cocktail. This one is made with Pisco, Midori, orange bitters, lime, egg white and sugar syrup.

The Illusions cocktails is based on vodka and Midori. But that’s not all. Orange juice, Malibu and Blue Curaçao give it its particular taste.

The Paradise Fizz combines Midori with white Rum, soda, lime juice, icing sugar and some egg white.

Shots and shooters

Midori is no only used as an ingredient for cocktails. Also some famous shots and shooters are based on Midori. I selected the following shots and shooters for you.

    • The Alterate: a combination of pineapple juice, Midori and Crème de Cassis
    • The Curtain Call: a deadly combination of Whiskey, Jägermeister and Midori
    • The Green Demon: the name says it all, Vodka, lemonade, Midori and Rum

Of course there is more to Midori than this. If you feel like we would be happy if your send us your Midori cocktail recipes. We then put them online and link back to you.


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