Here are some of our coolest Halloween cocktails

Halloween is coming and everyone is thinking about a haunting costume.

We think it is the perfect moment to list some of our coolest Halloween cocktails for you.

Some of them look scary, others have a scary name… but hey Halloween is the moment to try something different.

So here we go…

bloody floating brain shotThe bloody floating brain shot

This shot is a combination of white chocolate syrup, banana liqueur and bailey’s.

The cool effect is created by some drops of grenadine.


Zombie cocktail recipeThe zombie cocktail

If you like an overload of rum then the zombie cocktail is something for you.

A combination of dark rum, golden rum and overproof rum.

Mixed with lime juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice, angostura bitters and the passion fruit syrup.

hocus pocus potion cocktail recipe with strega galliano vodka and orange juiceThe hocus pocus potion

This cocktail looks quite nice don’t you think?

It’s a combination of strega, galliano, vodka, orange juice and dry ice.


bertrand s black magic recipeBertrand’s black magic cocktail

This cocktail is quite easy. It’s a combination of vodka and black sambuca.

The dark color gives it a creepy touch


alien brain hemorrhage peach liqueur blue curacao grenadine baileysThe alien brain hemorrhage

This shot looks really creepy.

It doesn’t look that appetizing but just give it a try…

It’s a combination of peach liqueur, bailey’s, blue curaçao and grenadine.

freddy krueger drinkThe Freddy Krueger shot

This shot is looking quite ordinary.

But thrust me… the combination of sambuca, vodka and jägermeister will do the job.

There are many cool variations of this shot which you can find here.

molecular brain cocktail recipeThe molecular brain

Sambuca, bailey’s and strawberry syrup will lead to this effect.

I like this shot! Cheers!

Vampires Kiss cocktailThe vampire’s kiss

Basically it’s a classy cocktail made with  vodka, dry vermouth, gin, tequila, tomato juice and a pinch of salt.


The bloody mary syringes

Prepare a normal bloody mary but instead of putting it into a nice glass put it into some syringes.

I bet your guests will like this…



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