How to make the perfect cocktail

Perfect cocktail

Do you feel like you so close to making the perfect cocktail? You got the feeling that the ingredients are right but something little is still missing? In our previous blog article ‘How to make the perfect cocktail’ we shared some basis but very important rules.

Now you are ready for the next phase. In this blog article you’ll find some new rules that should bring you very close to the perfect cocktail.

You best use big ice cubes

When the cocktail comes with ice cubes then try to use big ones.

They tend to melt much slower than smaller ones. This will make your cocktail less watery which keeps the perfect taste much longer. In another blog article we explain how you can make these ice cubes yourself.

Don’t mix up lemon and lime juice

Lemon and lime juice aren’t interchangeable. They are both comparable when it comes to acid strength. They differ in the concentration of acid which gives another sourness effect.

Don’t try to replace lemon juice with lime juice (or vice versa). It will ruin your perfect cocktail.

Lime or lemon taste better when aged (a little)

Lemon and lime juices taste better when they age a little. They are best when they are left for about 4 hours. You best keep them chilled and bottled then.

You better think a little ahead when you want to make the perfect cocktail. It’s a question of planning …

Everything has to be measured

This is a basic but really important rule. Many people don’t measure because it does not look cool or because it takes some time. The perfect cocktail is always balanced. So never forget to measure…

Some experienced bartenders never seem to measure their ingredients. Don’t be blinded by this, they of course have the experience to know the time needed to pour in a certain measure.

Don’t forget the garnishes

For some cocktails garnishes are really important. Without them the cocktail is missing an important essential part.

It often does not ruin the final drink completely but it will be hard to get your cocktail perfect. It’s not only about the presentation but the lemon, lime, orange or whatever garnish brings often that extra flavor and balance.

Again 5 simple rules when you strive for the perfect cocktail. In the end they all are so logic and easy. Just take your time, don’t rush, follow the rules and know your crowd…



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