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Spiced rum

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation and distillation of sugarcane juice or derived products of the sugarcane plant. Rums are produced in various grades. The light rums are used in cocktails. The dark or golden rums are often consumed individually although they are also used in cocktail recipesWhite rum (also called light rum or silver rum) has very little flavor aside from a general sweetness. Its mild flavor makes white rum popular for use in mixed drinks and cocktail recipes. Dark rums (brown, black, or red rums) are usually made from caramelized sugar or molasses and aged longer. They have stronger. Flavored rums are infused with flavors of fruits and are most of the time less than 40%. They are mostly used in tropical cocktails or drunk neat with ice.  Gold rums are also known as the amber rums. They are considered midway between light rum and the darker varieties. Overproof rums are much higher than 40%. They are usually used in mixed drinks and cocktail recipes. Premium rums are from boutique brands that sell carefully produced and aged rums. They have and flavor are consumed straight. Spiced rums get their taste from adding spices and caramel. Among the spices added are pepper, cinnamon, rosemary,...

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