Looking for Delicious Wine Cocktails That’ll Wow Your Guests? Here’s a Curated List

After a long day, that was packed with numerous tasks and obligations, one of the best ways to relax and just unwind is by having a glass of your favorite drink. Many would agree, that in these instances, a nice glass of wine will get the job done.

However, if you ask us, there’s something that’s even more delicious and refreshing, and that’s for sure a wine cocktail. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this beverage, it represents a mixed drink, which resembles a cocktail.

It’s normally combined with wine, however, some people employ other sorts of alcohol. If you’ve never tried it before, then now, is a perfect time to do so and if you’re not sure what are the best options, then just cast your eyes on our list below.

Let’s Start With Kalimotxo

Let’s begin this list with a wine cocktail that is not only tasty but simple to make as well, due to the fact that it only has two ingredients. This popular drink that comes from Spain is also known as Calimocho and has only coke and red wine.

If you’re familiar with Spanish vermouth, or Sangria, then you’re going to love this cocktail, because it reminds us of these two drinks. The wine perfectly balances cola, making it very delicious and refreshing too.

Frozen Hula Hoop

Now, here’s a wine cocktail that’s ideal for hot, summer days because of all the fruit that it contains, such as raspberry, pineapple, and lemon. Once you combine it with Aperol, white rum, and dry red wine, you’ll get a beverage that’s going to awaken all your taste buds.

The omnipotence of the alcohol that’s inside is perfectly alleviated, and balanced with those refreshing, summer fruits. Furthermore, if you want to make your own raspberry syrup, you can do so by mixing fresh berries with regular syrup.

On the other hand, if you’re not in the mood to do so, then you can simply purchase one bottle either online, or at the liquor store.

A True Classic – Wine Spritzer

One of the most popular wine cocktails in the world is by far a wine spritzer, which represents a wonderful blend of carbonated water and white wine. This is a cocktail that literally anyone can make at their home. They just need to buy a bottle of wine at a wine store, and a bottle of carbonated water at a liquor store, and voila! It is ideal for hot, summer nights when you just want to have something that’s cool and refreshing.

Another great thing about it is that it’s very versatile, meaning that you can put any type of wine you like.

Phenomenal White Sangria

White sangria, also known as Sangria blanca is in fact, a white version of this widely-popular wine cocktail that comes directly from Spain. It’s normally made with fruity, sweet, and light white wines, and as far as fruit is concerned, the options are endless.

You can put anything your heart desires, however, most people add pears, apples, peaches, plums, melons, oranges, berries, limes, and/or lemons. Furthermore, this mixture contains white wine, citrus juice, sugar, and any of the above-mentioned fruits.

So how much sugar are you supposed to put? It all depends on your preference. If you like it to be very sweet, then put more. Another element that needs to be taken into account is the sweetness of the wine.

If it’s too sweet, then avoid adding too much sugar, otherwise, it’s not going to be refreshing. When it comes to fruit, it would be advisable to cut it into equal size, and then leave this mixture to macerate for at least a couple of hours.

Cannot Forget To Mention Red Sangria

Now, that we briefly discussed white sangria, it’s time to mention another wine cocktail, that’s as equally yummy, and also very popular among various wine cocktail lovers. This tasty drink is packed with red wine, along with brandy, a bit of orange liqueur, and soaked fruit.

Just like the previously mentioned white sangria, this drink is easy to make too, plus it’s going to keep you cool during summer. You can’t get better than that, right?

A True Star – Aperol Spritz

If you have any of the popular social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, then you’ve probably seen this beverage, which is currently one of the most popular ones, especially among influencers.

That’s probably because it is a true sight for sore eyes, and very photogenic as well! If you’re one of those people who do not like to drink, or at least you do not do it frequently, then this is a great choice for you.

This drink, which is slightly bitter, yet extremely refreshing is a massive crowd-pleaser, and ideal for hot, summer evenings.

Oh, That Yummy Frozen Sangria

We know that we previously mentioned two versions of sangria, however, this list definitely wouldn’t be complete without this fantastic drink. If you’re an avid fan of slushie, then you simply must give this wine cocktail a try!

It’s sweet, yet has that touch of sourness because it contains citrus too. Even though the method for making Frozen Sangria isn’t a typical Spanish method, it still doesn’t mean that it won’t resemble traditional Sangria.

On the contrary. In addition, Frozen Sangria is perfect for summer parties, because it’s generally very festive.

Sophisticated Mimosa

One of the most sophisticated and elegant wine cocktails on this list is undeniably this one. Just like all those aforementioned drinks, this one is also very popular. And it’s all because it’s not only visually appealing but very refreshing and tasty too!

It represents a spectacular mixture of chilled sparkling wine and orange juice. If you want to balance the sweetness of the fresh orange juice, then feel free to add dry Prosecco or Brut Champagne. At least that’s what wine cocktail experts suggest.

Creating the list of some of the best wine cocktails was a major challenge for us because there are so many that are worth mentioning. We honestly hope that you’ll try out at least one of our suggestions. Enjoy!

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