Meet the cocktail expert: Kevin Wilkerson

kevin wilkerson

In our section “Meet the cocktail expert” we present  some people in the cocktail industry you should meet… We kindly asked them to present themselves and to share their favorite cocktail with us. Cheers!!

Today we present you Kevin Wilkerson.


Publisher of the nightlife blog Originally a sportswriter at Southern daily newspapers, moved to Los Angeles and began working at Public Relations agencies. When one folded, became an independent PR contractor and started PubClub.
Huge Jimmy Buffett fan – have been to more than 70 shows – and the beach and cocktail lifestyle. And, being a Southerner, college football: Roll Tide!  Drinks beer, wine, rum and tequila.
Favorite cocktail
It’s something my friend Luau Larry created and I just call it the “Luau Larry Special”. It involves rum (and lots of it, sometimes 2 or 3 rums) orange juice and some other fruit juice of his choosing, guava when he has it. He likes to top it with a floater of Myers rum.
• 1/3 of glass of dark rum
• 1/2 glass of no-pulp orange juice
• 2 ounces of guava juice
• More rum to taste
• Floater of Myers rum
The portions depend on the size of the glass and one’s tolerance to rum. Luau Larry takes a glass and fills it 2/3 with ice. Take the first rum and fill 1/3 of the glass. Add 1/2 of a glass of orange juice, a generous splash of guava juice and – if you like – a second rum. Stir the drink. Add a floater of Myers and serve.
Favorite cocktail #2
The “PubClub Whoops Margarita.” This is based on a recipe from a friend of a former roommate. It’s a frozen margarita and the recipe is very simple:
• A blender pitcher full of ice
• 1/3 pitcher full of tequila
• 1/3 container of frozen lemonade (note NOT frozen Limeade)
• An ounce of Triple Sec. Or Grand Marnier for those with a bigger budget
Put all ingredients into the blender in above order. Turn on the blender and blend until the ice is completely crushed. Serve in a margarita glass. It’s called the “PubClub Whoops Margarita” because if I’m distracted by, say, a pretty girl when I’m making it, I’ll pour in more tequila into the pitcher than the original recipe calls for, and when I turn my attention back to the pitcher, I say “whoops!”
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