Meet the cocktail expert: Laurence Sabwa Amaya

Smirnoff sensation cocktail recipe

In our section “Meet the cocktail expert” we present  some people in the cocktail industry you should meet… We kindly asked them to present themselves and to share their favorite cocktail with us. Cheers!!

Today we present you Laurence Sabwa Amaya.


Lawrence is a freelance mixologist/bartender. He created this cocktail recipe, the smirnoff sensation, for a smirnoff cocktail competition. Even though the winner was never announced, he loved the chance to work on the project.

Lawrence is ready to make an impact on bartending and mixology and is aiming to do more like this.

Favorite cocktail

Lawrence’s favorite cocktail is the Smirnoff Sensation cocktail.


  • 60ml – vodka
  • half cut orange fruit
  • 30ml – freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 30ml – brown sugar syrup
  • Sprite – a splash


Add all the ingredients into a tall tumbler filled with ice cubes, except the sprite and the orange juice.
Add splash of sprite and squeeze the 1/2 orange on top. Stir gently and garnish with an orange wedge.



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