Meet the cocktail expert: Sivakumar Mohanroop

In our section “Meet the cocktail expert” we present  some people in the cocktail industry you should meet… We kindly asked them to present themselves and to share their favorite cocktail with us. Cheers!!

Today we present you Sivakumar Mohanroop.


Sivakumar Mohanroop is a home bartneder. Welcome to The Cocktail Room, your guide to craft cocktails at home, where Sivakumar Mohanroop,aka Roop, is your host. He is a home bartending/ mixology enthusiast. Join him in his misadventures behind his home bar from trying to recreate awesome cocktails, formulating quirky DIY alternatives to complex mixed drinks, investigating the intriguing lore behind iconic cocktail inventions, deciphering bartending techniques, crafting homemade syrups, shrubs, cordials and everything in between and all this without bringing the house down.

The following recipe is one of his own creations. It is inspired from the Indian movie “Padmavat” and the Indian folklore behind it.

Favorite cocktail

Sivakumar Mohanroop’s favorite cocktail is he Courage of Padmavat cocktail.


  • 1 slice of jalapeño pepper
  • 2 Oz of tequila
  • 0.5 Oz of lime juice
  • 2 Oz strawberry shrub

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Wanna have a taste of Padmaavati before your see it in theatres, then stay tuned! Yes Padmaavati! A movie shrouded by so many controversies. But this video is not about that. But on the other hand we at cocktail room believe in the freedom of creative expression and feel that all works of creativity should be critiqued and not protested.

Today’s cocktail is a tribute to the legendary queen so little bit of background on the legend. Padmavati was a Sri Lankan princess of magnificent Beauty. Our hero Ratan Sen, a Rajput ruler of Chitoor fort heard about her beauty from a talking parrot and went on an adventurous quest and won her hand in marriage. But dark times were ahead as the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khiliji also heard about her boundless Beauty and launched a siege to Chitoor fort. During this devastating battle, our queen and her companions decided to sacrifice themselves by lighting themselves on fire to save their honor.

Now muddle the peppers to bring a spiciness to the cocktail synonymous with the queen’s courage. Add the tequila that is as feisty as Padmaavati followed by lime juice to balance the drink and finally to represent the sweetness and softness of our queen, the strawberry shrub. Add ice and SHAKE it!
Double strain to your coupe glass. Garnish with a single slice of jalapeño and there you have it the courage of Padmaavati!

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