Aguardiente Mojito

Aguardiente Mojito Ingredients

Aguardiente Mojito Toppings

  • 4 leaf/leaves Mint

Aguardiente Mojito Description

Learn how to make the Aguardiente Mojito recipe:

For the Aguardiente Mojito cocktail we use half a lime cut into wedges. Put the lime wedges together with the mint leaves into your glass and muddle. Add the simple syrup and fill the glass with crushed ice. Add the aguardiente and top with soda water. Stir everything gently around and garnish your Aguardiente Mojito drink with a sprig of mint leaves.

As Aguardiente is the national alcoholic beverages of Colombia, and many other South American countries, this is the cocktail of the day for 7 August as on that day in Colombia the Battle of Boyacá Day which led to independence from Spain is celebrated.

Also try the Aguardiente Sour which is the best know cocktail with Aguardiente.

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