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Aperol Sour

Aperol Sour Ingredients

Aperol Sour Toppings

Aperol Sour Description

How to make the Aperol Sour cocktail recipe:

Dive into the vibrant world of cocktails with this Aperol Sour recipe, a refreshing take on the traditional sour that showcases Aperol’s delightful bitter-sweet character. This drink is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a visual treat, thanks to its bright orange color and smooth texture.

Aperol Sour cocktail ingredients:

° Aperol: 2 oz (60 ml) – The star of the show, bringing its iconic bitter-sweet flavor and orange color.
° Fresh Lemon Juice: 1 oz (30 ml) – Adds a refreshing citrus kick.
° Simple Syrup: 3/4 oz (20 ml) – Sweetens the mix to your liking.
° Egg White: 1 (optional) – For that silky, frothy layer on top.
° Ice: A handful for shaking.
° Garnish: a rosemary sprig

Aperol Sour recipe instructions:

1) Chill Your Glass: Pop a coupe or sour glass into the freezer for a few minutes. A cold glass enhances the cocktail’s flavors.
2) Combine Ingredients: In your shaker, pour in the Aperol, lemon juice, and simple syrup. If you’re going for that classic sour texture, add an egg white.
3) Shake Without Ice: Start with a vigorous shake without ice (dry shake) if you’ve added egg white, aiming for about 15 seconds to get it nice and frothy.
4) Add Ice and Shake Again: Now, fill the shaker with ice and give it another good shake. This cools the drink and adds a slight dilution, perfect for sipping.
5) Strain: Double strain the concoction into your chilled glass to ensure a smooth drink, especially important if you’ve used egg white.
6) Garnish and Serve: Add a rosemary sprig as some decoration.

Why You’ll Love It:

The Aperol Sour is a cocktail that balances the Aperol’s unique taste with the zesty flavor of lemon, all smoothed out with a touch of sweetness and an optional frothy top. It’s an ideal drink for those who appreciate a cocktail that’s both sophisticated and refreshing.

Pro Tips:

Always opt for fresh lemon juice to get the best flavor.
Adjust the sweetness with the simple syrup based on your preference.
The egg white is optional but adds a wonderful texture to the drink.

Also try the Aperol Spritz, an ideal cocktail for a sunny day!

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