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Barbados Sunrise Shot

Barbados Sunrise Shot Ingredients

Barbados Sunrise Shot Description

How to make the Barbados Sunrise Shot?

For the Barbados Sunrise Shot recipe you may pour the grenadine in the shot glass and add a little bid of vodka. Then mix the grenadine and the vodka gently with a bar spoon. Gently pour in the orange juice over the back of a bar spoon so the two layers don’t mix. The next part is a little more tricky as we’re going to mix the Blue Curaçao with the vodka in a separate shot glass in advance to get a greenish color. Then also pour the mixture over the back of a bar spoon in your Barbados Sunrise shooter.

This Barbados Sunrise shooter recipe was given to us by Марко Стојановски who regularly makes cool layered shots.

The Barbados Sunrise shot is our drink of the day on July 26 when the day of national significance is celebrated in Barbados.


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