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How to make the Barbie Cocktail Recipe?

Barbie cocktail recipe ingredients:

° Vodka – 1.5 oz  (4,5 cl) – for a strong base
° Cranberry Juice – 2 oz (6 cl) – for the pink color and a tart flavor
° Pineapple Juice – 1 oz (3 cl) – for a touch of sweetness
° Coconut Cream – 0.5 oz (1,5 cl) – to add a creamy texture
° Grenadine – A dash (for a deeper pink hue and sweetness)
° Cotton Candy – as garnish

Barbie cocktail recipe instructions:

1) Chill the Glass: Start by chilling a martini or cocktail glass.
2) Mix Ingredients: In a shaker, combine the vodka, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and grenadine. Add ice.
3) Shake Well: Shake the mixture vigorously until well-chilled.
4) Strain and Serve: Strain the cocktail into the glass.
5) Add Garnish: Garnish with a piece of cotton candy. A small umbrella or a Barbie-themed decoration can also do the trick. As an alternative, you can also rim the glass with pink sugar or edible glitter.

Barbie drink serving suggestion:

Serve this cocktail at a themed party or gathering where the playful and stylish vibe of Barbie is celebrated.
Consider using Barbie-themed decorations or pink and white table settings to complement the cocktail.
This cocktail is not only visually appealing with its pink hue but also offers a delightful mix of flavors. The combination of tart cranberry, sweet pineapple, and creamy coconut creates a balanced and enjoyable drink, perfect for any Barbie-themed event or for those who love playful and colorful cocktails.

We also have a guide if you want to know how to make cotton candy yourself.


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