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C.A.T.A.L.A.N Ingredients

C.A.T.A.L.A.N Description

How to prepare the C.A.T.A.L.A.N cocktail? For the C.A.T.A.L.A.N cocktail recipe, gather Bacardi Carta Blanca white rum, the drambui, the Aztec chocolate bitters, the coffee beans, the cane sugar and the cinnamon stick inside a small pan. Blow torch the ingredients until they ignite and the flambé process starts. Hold one orange peel into the flambé and put inside the pan. Keep the flame going for 2 minutes and break the sugar cube to dissolve. Transfer all the ingredients into a chilled large cocktail shaker tin (be careful, liquid will be hot and fire can spread everywhere)

Build quickly with plenty of ice to immediately start the chilling process. Throw the liquid 6 times back and forth to dilute and aerate the C.A.T.A.L.A.N cocktail.

Double strain your C.A.T.A.L.A.N cocktail into a chilled cocktail coupe. Zest with one orange peel and roll it as a garnish.

History and Inspiration (by Koco Widyatno)

The C.A.T.A.L.A.N cocktail is my submission for the Bacardi Legacy competition 2016/2017 in the Hong-Kong/Macau leg. The C.A.T.A.L.A.N is a cocktail expression twist inspired on “Rom Cremat“. A classic communal drink that has been enjoyed since the 19th century around the Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain.

Rom Cremat has historically been enjoyed by the Catalonian who were traveling to cuba and returned back to their homes after their journey to the new land and their long fights in the Spanish-American war during that period. The C.A.T.A.L.A.N cocktail is also inspired on the country where I am coming from, Indonesia. Indonesia has been famous for its coffee, spice, cocoa and sugarcane since the 17th century. I wanted to introduce the Indonesian heritage and coffee culture to the world through the Bacardi Legacy.

The C.A.T.A.L.A.N cocktail will speak about the value of courage, bravery and determination. C.A.T.A.L.A.N expresses my journey as a travelling bartender who dares to leave his comfort zone and home country to get exposed with different experiences, different social cultures and different knowledge. My journey will be an important source of information for next generations of the Indonesian bartender society which will help them growing up and get a better opportunity in the future.

Crafted by

Koco Widyatno – Bartender at Ritz Carlton

Bar & lounge 51st floor – Ritz Carlton Macau (+853 62326828)

Facebook Page: We Are Catalan

Twitter: WeAreCatalan


The C.A.T.A.L.A.N cocktail is our cocktail of the day on March when international cocktail day is celebrated.


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