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Caramel Meringue Whiskey Sour

Caramel Meringue Whiskey Sour Ingredients

Caramel Meringue Whiskey Sour Description

How to make a Caramel Meringue Whiskey Sour cocktail?

Caramel-Infused Meringue Whiskey Sour ingredients:

° Whiskey: 60 ml (2 oz)
° Lemon Juice: 20 ml (¾ oz)
° Simple Syrup: 15 ml (½ oz)
° Fresh Egg White
° Fine Caster Sugar: 20g (for the meringue topping)
° Rich Caramel Drizzle: To taste

Caramel Meringue Whiskey Sour recipe:

1) Meringue Creation: Begin by beating a fresh egg white until it reaches the soft peak stage. Gradually introduce 20g of fine caster sugar, continuing to beat until the meringue is lustrous and forms stiff peaks.
2) Caramel Integration: Delicately fold a modest amount of rich caramel drizzle into the meringue, aiming for a streaked or marbled appearance rather than a complete blend.
3) Cocktail Assembly: In your cocktail shaker, combine the premium whiskey, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and homemade simple syrup.
4) Incorporate Egg White: Add a separate egg white (not the meringue mixture) to the shaker.
5) Initial Agitation: Shake vigorously without ice (dry shake) to emulsify the egg white.
6) Chill and Mix: Introduce ice to the shaker and shake once more until the concoction is thoroughly chilled.
7) Presentation: Strain the mixture into an ice-filled rocks glass.
8) Meringue Topping: Gently layer the caramel-streaked meringue atop the cocktail.
9) Optional Flair: For an added touch, lightly torch the meringue to achieve a slightly caramelized finish.

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