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Carrot Cocktail

Carrot Cocktail Ingredients

Carrot Cocktail Toppings

Carrot Cocktail Description

How to make the Carrot Cocktail? For the Carrot Cocktail recipe, first peel and chop the carrots.

Put the carrots, the pineapple, the lemon juice and the honey into a blender.

Blend well and put your Carrot drink over ice into glass. Decorate your Carrot Cocktail drink with a little parsley.

If you know a nice variant of the Carrot drink recipe, let us know and we’ll bring it online.

The Carrot Cocktail mixed drink is the cocktail of the day for September 24 when International Rabbit Day is held.

It is more serious than you might think, because on the 24th people want more attention for all the ways in which rabbits are harmed by medical and cosmetic testing and fur farming.

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