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Charizard Description

Learn how to prepare the Charizard cocktail recipe based on the Pokemon character:

The Charizard is a very powerful cocktail as it contains only alcohol. Place the zest of lime into your cocktail glass and pour the triple sec and sambuca in the glass.

Add a few dashes of cinnamon powder or 1 cl of cinnamon schnapps. Gently put the drink on fire with a match or lighter.

Don’t drink the Charizard mixed drink while it’s on fire! First be sure the fire is out.

You can also make this as a Charizard shooter or Charizard shot. For the Charizard recipe as a shooter, only use 2,5 cl of triple sec and sambuca, also add some cinnamon powder but don’t add the lime zest.

Enjoy the Pokemon Charizard drink recipe.