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Chocolate Cake Shooter

Chocolate Cake Shooter Ingredients

Chocolate Cake Shooter Toppings

Chocolate Cake Shooter Description

Learn how to make the perfect chocolate cake shooter.

The chocolate cake shot taste and feels like a piece of chocolate.

For the chocolate cake shooter fill a shaker with ice and add the citrus vodka and the hazelnut liqueur.

Shake well. Strain your chocolate cake shooter into a shot glass.

Serve with a sugar coated lemon.

The are different variations of the chocolate cake shooter recipe.

One of them goes as follows: use 1 part vodka and 1 part hazelnut liqueur . Put some sugar on the wedge of lemon . First suck the lemon wedge. Keep the juice in your mouth and drink the chocolate cake shooter.

Sometimes the vodka or the citrus vodka is replaced with vanilla vodka.

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