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Dragonite Ingredients

Dragonite Description

Learn how to prepare the Dragonite cocktail recipe based on the Pokemon character:

Dragonite recipe description:

Discover the magic of the Dragonite cocktail, a drink that’s as mesmerizing in appearance as it is in taste. This unique cocktail combines the boldness of tequila with the sophistication of cognac and the celebratory fizz of champagne, all while embracing the exotic allure of dragon fruit. Accented with Angostura bitters and a hint of rose water, it’s a cocktail that’s sure to impress.

Dragonite cocktail ingredients:

° Tequila: 6 cl (2 oz) – The spirited base of our cocktail.
° Cognac: 1 cl (0.34 oz) – Adds a layer of rich, deep flavor.
° Champagne: 6 cl (2 oz) – For a touch of elegance and effervescence.
° Dragon Fruit: 1 piece – The star ingredient, offering both visual appeal and a sweet taste.
° Angostura Bitters: 2 dashes – To bring complexity and depth.
° Rose Water: 2 drops – For a subtle, floral aroma.
° Ice: Enough to chill the drink just right.

Dragonite drink preparation instructions:

1) Begin by muddling a piece of dragon fruit in a shaker, releasing its vibrant color and flavor.
2) Add the tequila and cognac to the shaker, along with a good amount of ice.
3) Shake it all up until it’s well-chilled and the flavors are beautifully combined.
4) Strain this colorful concoction into a champagne flute or any elegant glass.
5) Gently top it off with champagne, keeping the bubbles intact.
6) Add a dash of Angostura bitters and a couple of drops of rose water for that extra flair.

The Dragonite cocktail is our cocktail of the day on December 31. That day is known as champagne day.

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