Dragonite Ingredients

Dragonite Description

Learn how to prepare the Dragonite cocktail recipe based on the Pokemon character:

For the Dragonite recipe we use half a pitaya or dragon fruit. Put a fourth of the flesh of the dragon fruit in a mixing glass and muddle.

Add some ice to the mixing glass and pour the tequila and the cognac in it. Add two dashes of angostura bitters and stirr everything well.

Strain your Dragonite cocktail into your glass and top with champagne. Cut the other fourth of the pitaya into smaller pieces and add them to the drink together with the drops of rose water.

If you want you can garnish this Dragonite drink with the dragon fruit peel.

The Dragonite cocktail is our cocktail of the day on December 31. That day is known as champagne day.


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