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Drunken Monkey

Drunken Monkey Ingredients

Drunken Monkey Toppings

Drunken Monkey Description

How to prepare the Drunken Monkey cocktail?

Drunken Monkey cocktail description:

Get ready to shake up some sunshine with our Drunken Monkey cocktail. This isn’t just any drink; it’s a mini vacation in a glass. Imagine blending the lush sweetness of pineapple and orange juices with the exotic kick of spiced and coconut rums, all brought together with a hint of Angostura bitters.

Drunken Monkey cocktail ingredients:

° Pineapple Juice: 3 ounces (9 cl) – The heart of the tropics, bringing a juicy sweetness.
° Orange Juice: 3 ounces (9 cl) – For that essential citrus burst.
° Spiced Rum: 1 ounce (3 cl) – Adds a hint of mystery with its warm spices.
° Coconut Rum: 3 ounces (9cl) – Infuses the drink with a creamy, coconutty bliss.
° Angostura Bitters: 4 dashes – Just a touch to add depth and complexity.
° Orange Slice: A sunny garnish to complete the tropical vibe.

Drunken Monkey cocktail instructions:

1) Begin by filling a shaker with ice – the first step to any great cocktail.
2) Pour in the pineapple juice, orange juice, spiced rum, coconut rum, and Angostura bitters.
3) Shake it all up until it’s wonderfully chilled and perfectly mixed.
4) Strain this liquid sunshine into a chilled glass, choosing something fun like a highball or hurricane glass.
5) Finish it off with a slice of orange, either perched on the edge or floating on top.

The Drunken Monkey is the cocktail of the day for December 14, when Monkey Day is celebrated.

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