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Eggnog Ingredients

Eggnog Toppings

Eggnog Description

How to make the Eggnog cocktail recipe?

Eggnog cocktail description:

Step into the holiday season with a glass of homemade Eggnog, the quintessential drink of festive cheer. This recipe brings together the creamy goodness of eggs, sugar, milk, and heavy cream, with a dash of holiday spices. Add a splash of bourbon, rum, or brandy for an extra festive kick. It’s the perfect way to add some warmth to your winter nights.

Eggnog cocktail ingredients:

° Eggs: 6 large – The foundation of our rich and creamy Eggnog.
° Sugar: 3/4 cup – Sweetens the mix just right.
° Whole Milk: 2 cups – Adds smoothness to every sip.
° Heavy Cream: 1 cup – For that luxurious, velvety texture.
° Bourbon, Rum, or Brandy: 4 oz or 12 cl (optional) – Choose your favorite to spike the Eggnog.
° Nutmeg: 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated, more for garnish – A must-have spice for the holiday season.
° Cinnamon: 1/4 teaspoon (optional) – For a hint of warm spice.
° Vanilla Extract: A few drops (optional) – Enhances the Eggnog with a sweet aroma.

Eggnog recipe instructions:

1) Begin by whisking together the eggs and sugar in a large bowl until they’re well combined.
2) Slowly stir in the milk and heavy cream, blending them into a smooth mixture.
3) For an adult version, add your choice of bourbon, rum, or brandy.
4) Sprinkle in the nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla extract, if using, and give it another good stir.
5) Let the Eggnog chill in the fridge before serving – it gets better as it sits.
6) Serve chilled, garnished with a little extra nutmeg on top for that festive touch.

The Eggnog recipe is the cocktail of the day for December 25, when Christmas is celebrated.

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