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Electro Spritz

Electro Spritz Ingredients

Electro Spritz Toppings

Electro Spritz Description

How to make the Electro Spritz cocktail recipe:

Electro Spritz cocktail ingredients:

° Prosecco: 3 oz (9 cl) – The star of the show, adding bubbles and brightness.
° Blue Curaçao: 1 oz (3 cl) – For that enchanting blue color and a citrus twist.
° Peach Liqueur: 0.5 oz (1.5 cl) – Infuses the drink with a soft, fruity sweetness.
° Soda Water: 2 oz (6 cl) – Brings it all together with a refreshing sparkle.
° Garnish: A sprig of mint and a lemon slice – Adds freshness and an aromatic allure.

Electro Spritz recipe instructions:

1) Cool Your Glass: Begin by cooling your chosen glass to ensure your drink stays chilled.
2) Layer the Flavors: Carefully add the blue curaçao and peach liqueur to the glass, filled with ice, creating a foundation of flavor and color.
3) Bubble It Up: Slowly pour in the prosecco, watching as it dances with the liqueurs, creating a beautiful blend.
4) Top with Soda: Add a gentle splash of soda water for that final fizz.
5) Garnish with Flair: Adorn your creation with a mint sprig and a lemon slice, adding a touch of sophistication and zest.

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