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Flaming Bob Marley

Flaming Bob Marley Ingredients

Flaming Bob Marley Description

Another of the famous flaming shot recipes: the Flaming Bob Marley shot.

For the Flaming Bob Marley shot take a shot glass and pout in the grenadine.

Then gently layer the galliano on top of it.

Combine the crème de menthe and the bacardi 151  and layer it over the galliano.

Ignite your Flaming Bob Marley shot gently…


The Flaming Bob Marley shot is of course a reference to the famous Bob Marley who left us way too young…

The three colors of the shot (red, gold and green) are a symbol of Rastafari.  The colors reflect hues associated with both the Jamaican flag and Marcus Garvey. But the three colors are also those of Ethiopia’s flag.

To a Rasta such as Bob Marley, each of these colors has its own meaning:

  • Green is for the beauty of Africa
  • Gold is for the wealth of Africa
  • Red is for the blood of martyrs

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