Flaming Sambuca

Flaming Sambuca Ingredients

Flaming Sambuca Toppings

Flaming Sambuca Description

Another of the famous flaming shots recipes: the Flaming Sambuca shot.

For the Flaming Sambuca shot fill a shot glass with sambuca.

Put the sambuca on fire and let it burn for some seconds.

Put your hand on the glass to stop the flame.

Inhale the air underneath your hand and then drink your Flaming Sambuca shot.

Some other cool flaming shots are the flaming lemon drop, the flaming giraffe, the flaming jesus and the flaming bob marley shot.

Sambuca is basically known as an after-dinner drink. You can drink it neat or over ice. Sometimes people add a little water to the sambuca which gives a kind of ouzo effect. When sambuca is served neat people add three coffee beans with it in a shot glass. The coffee beans represent prosperity, health and happiness.